Lucid Insight

Shannon O’Flaherty is on a mission to lift the consciousness and vibration of the planet and understands that this begins with each and every person individually.

So many people have subconscious limiting beliefs that hold them back from reaching their potential, finding true happiness, inner peace, self-fulfilment and freedom.  Using a combination of different modalities Shannon helps people find understanding and heal the blocks that have kept them in the chrysalis of fear for too long!

She helps people identify the root causes of their limiting beliefs and heal it through connection with Source. She gives people tools to help them stay in alignment and coaching to help them continue their path of self enlightenment and transformation.

Shannon works with cleaning up people’s neural pathways which govern our habitual behavioural responses.  She also heals energy bodies, clearing and balancing chakras, pulling out any unwanted entities, soul retrieval and energy realignment and flow.

She is a full mesa carrier who practices Incan Shamanism and believes in honouring our beautiful Pachamama (Mother Earth).  Her ultimate goal is to build an orphanage/education centre in Peru to educate and support children living in extreme poverty.





Next Steps…

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