Being In The Bow Wave!

September 13th 2018

Being in the Bow Wave! This is what is happening when you’ve committed to something, and all your stuff gets stirred up! Even though the actual event hasn’t happened yet, the energy of it started the moment you said yes. The moment you say “yes” to yourself is the moment the energy shifts and takes you on a ride that either flows, or is filled with resistance. How would you like your ride to be? I’ve tried it both ways, personally, I’d rather go with the flow! Join my free Facebook Group Heart Centered Purpose if you want to say yes to yourself and let me help you find your flow.

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Is Your Partner Narcissistic?

September 11, 2018

Is Your Partner Narcissistic? Surprise! He doesn’t know he is! You end up questioning your sanity and not even know what you’re arguing about. It’s because there is a missing link. What is the secret you are keeping from yourself? Why would you attract someone like that in the first place? It’s easy to blame the other, but if you want to heal, you need to look at your own shadows, and he’s a really good reflection for you!

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Guilt Got You Down?

September 10th 2018

Guilt Got You Down? Stop recycling self-judgment over and over about the past, learn and grow from your mistakes instead. Focus your thinking on every single good thing you do for yourself and others in your life everyday! Why is it your default mode? PM me so we can explore and identify the root triggers to what’s keeping you locked in guilt.

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Holding Onto Hate Resentment and Anger?

Hello Beautiful Light Beings                                    September 9th, 2018

Holding onto Hate, Resentment and Anger? This isn’t about any other person than you! If you want to change, heal and evolve you need to heal the root causes of these limiting subconscious beliefs. You CAN nip it in the bud and choose a better feeling. PM me so I can help you. Isn’t the time to be clear and peaceful now? Click here to

Green Eyed Monster Got You In Its Clutches?

Hello Beauties,                                                       September 8th, 2018

Green Eyed Monster Got You In Its Clutches? When you look for another person’s actions to be responsible for your own emotions, you will inevitably feel insecure. When you are not 100% responsible for your own emotions, you will not be fully in alignment, and will inevitably spiral into negative emotion and monkey chatter. Feel what you feel, get calm, then use that insight of how you feel to examine the roots of it and self heal.


Walking On Eggshells Around Someone?

Hello Lovelies,                                                              September 7th 2018

Walking on Eggshells Around Someone? STOP IT NOW!! This is a no-win situation! When you are tip-toeing around someone you are working from a place of fear, giving up your power and squelching your connection to Source Energy. THEIR emotions are not your problem. We are only responsible for our own health and happiness. Join my Facebook Group Heart Centered Freedom for guidance on living your most authentic truth. Click here to

Not Being Heard? Are You Consciously Listening?

Hello Beautiful Light Beings,                                             Sept. 6th 2018

Not Being Heard? Are you Consciously Listening? Not feeling like we are being heard is a very common problem. It makes people feel like they are not being acknowledged, understood and validated. And, most of us at some point have been guilty of not consciously listening! This is a learned skillset! Join my FB Group for guidance on living your most authentic truth. Click here to

Do You Have A “Knowing” But Aren’t Quite Sure What It’s About?

Hello Beauties!                                                             Wednesday Sept.5th 2018

Do you have a “knowing” but aren’t quite sure what it’s about? Your connection is with Source Energy and you are given a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand at this point. What fascinates you? Join my Free Facebook Group for consistent guidance to illuminate your path to self fulfillment. Click here to

Re-Focus Your Thoughts

Re-focus Your Thoughts! Concerned about being in denial or avoiding paying your bills? Really, you are only in denial of your desire and your abundance! The dream IS the reality! Release your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from total abundance. About 45 seconds into the video, it pauses for about ten seconds and then continues clearly through until the end. Join my group Heart Centered Purpose. Click here to

Out of Balance in Your Life?

Hello Beautiful Light Beings,                             September 3rd 2018

 Out of Balance in Your Life? Why following your intuition is key to being in alignment and following your truth. I can help you shift your energy permanently and give you tools for life for self-maintenance. The video gets a bit wobbly for a while but the sound is okay all the way through. Enjoy. Click here to