Are You Having A Hard Time Letting Go?

July 15th 2018

Having a hard time Letting Go? In this video I discuss that process. I also show you a quick trick to help you calm down. You may have to turn up your volume as I forgot to wear my headphones with the speaker! It ends abruptly, but I was only mentioning time zones for tomorrow’s video. So are you ready to do what it takes to LET GO of the feelings that are holding you separate from freedom? Join my free private FaceBook Group so I can help you shift now!

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Gripped by Grief?

Hi Beautiful Light Beings!      14/7/2018

Gripped by Grief? Grieving is a difficult process because we are left focussing on the absence of someone instead of the joy of their Being. You can choose every single moment of your consciousness. Your true self wants to be in alignment with Source. Whoever is in spirit is in a happy place and wants you to be happy again too. Join my free private FaceBook group so I can help you get back into alignment so you can be available to yourself again and for everyone who loves you. Click here to



Overcoming Sadness – My Personal Story

July 12th 2018

Are you feeling so sad you think you’ll never get over it? I used to feel that way. I sabotaged my own happiness with extreme sadness! But then one day I thought, ‘how would it be if I applied all the cool healing modalities I was helping others with, to myself?’ This is my personal story about overcoming sadness. If you would like inspiration and tips to live a happier life please join my free private FaceBook group.

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Hi Everyone!        10th July 2018

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