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Are You Telling An Old Story?

Hello Beautiful Light Beings   July 30th 2018

Are You Telling an Old Story?? It’s time to start telling a new one! Stop wasting your energy on negativity and drama and focus it on things that make you happy! Get rid of your old belief systems once and for all. Join my free private Facebook group called Heart Centered Freedom for tips and inspiration to live a life of happiness and freedom. Click here to

Raging With Resentment?

Hello Beautiful Light Beings!   Thursday July 26th 2018

Raging with Resentment? Subconscious hate, resentment and anger resides in our cellular structure and holds us back in life. We may not be losing any sleep over it, but it is like an ember smoldering away inside of us waiting for the trigger to make it burst into flames. Why hold onto something that’s eating us alive inside? If this feels like you why not join my free private Facebook group called Heart Centered Freedom? Click here to


Align with the Law of Attraction

Tuesday July 24th 2018

Hello Beautiful Light Beings!

Are you in alignment with the Law of Attraction? Do you understand that you have to practice high vibrational thinking, speaking and actions to get yourself into vibrational alignment with what you desire? It is baby steps to change your attraction point. You can do it! If you want help with this and are ready to get the results I get for my clients, join my free private FaceBook group called Heart Centered Freedom.  Click here to

Faking Your Truth?

July 19th 2018

Hello Beautiful Light Beings,

Are you Faking Your Truth? Are you donning a mask everyday to hide the truth of who you are from the world? You may think you are protecting yourself or others doing this, but you are actually distancing yourself from everyone and most importantly from yourself and source energy. Take off your mask!! If this rings true for you why not join my free private FaceBook Group called Heart Centered Freedom? Click here to


Are You In A Constant State of Emptiness?

Hi Beautiful Light Beings!  16th July 2018

Do you feel in a constant state of Emptiness? Are you complaining all the time, do you feel resentful and neglected? Are you disconnected from love? There’s no need to feel empty every day! Isn’t it time to wake up happy and feel fulfilled with your life? Join my free private FaceBook group called Heart Centered Freedom so you can wake up happy! Click here to

Are You Having A Hard Time Letting Go?

July 15th 2018

Having a hard time Letting Go? In this video I discuss that process. I also show you a quick trick to help you calm down. You may have to turn up your volume as I forgot to wear my headphones with the speaker! It ends abruptly, but I was only mentioning time zones for tomorrow’s video. So are you ready to do what it takes to LET GO of the feelings that are holding you separate from freedom? Join my free private FaceBook Group so I can help you shift now!

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Gripped by Grief?

Hi Beautiful Light Beings!      14/7/2018

Gripped by Grief? Grieving is a difficult process because we are left focussing on the absence of someone instead of the joy of their Being. You can choose every single moment of your consciousness. Your true self wants to be in alignment with Source. Whoever is in spirit is in a happy place and wants you to be happy again too. Join my free private FaceBook group so I can help you get back into alignment so you can be available to yourself again and for everyone who loves you. Click here to



Overcoming Sadness – My Personal Story

July 12th 2018

Are you feeling so sad you think you’ll never get over it? I used to feel that way. I sabotaged my own happiness with extreme sadness! But then one day I thought, ‘how would it be if I applied all the cool healing modalities I was helping others with, to myself?’ This is my personal story about overcoming sadness. If you would like inspiration and tips to live a happier life please join my free private FaceBook group.

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Hi Everyone!        10th July 2018

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