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Not Being Taken Seriously?

Not Being Taken Seriously? If we are remotely doubting our own gifts and abilities we could be sending out the wrong message! In order for others to value our work we need to be in total alignment and trusting our own process. Let me help you get to the roots of whatever it is that’s holding you back from shining your brightest light!

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Tell YOUR Truth!

Tell Your Truth! Isn’t it time to finally heal the wounded healer in you and become the HEALED healer? Wouldn’t you love to live free from the worry of what others think about you and your work? Wouldn’t you love to feel calm and connected all the time? Why live behind veils when you can have total clarity? PM me so you can learn the tools you can use every day before the holidays, and forever after! Give yourself the gift of healing. Click here to join:

Divine Grace is Calling!

Are you ready to work from a place of Divine Grace and create a ripple effect on the planet? I want to help everyone achieve their highest potential and feel honoured working with a clear connection to Source. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to make a difference now and get out of your own way – being stuck, lack, scarcity or fear? I am offering a fantastic Beta Test price deal for the first four people who enroll for my eight week course Break The Oath of Silence. Private message me so we can have a free Discovery Call to see if that’s you! Click here to join:

Why Belief Work Works! – Live Testimonial

Live Testimonial with my lovely client Ginny de Ledesma. Why belief work is so important and how it can change your life and the lives of your clients.

Sacred Plant Medicine

My latest offering to Spiritual Biz Magazine. Next Peru trip May 2019. Details soon…


Sacred Plant Medicine

Break The Oath of Silence!

Healers tend to suppress their natural gifts, hide from their shining light, dumb down their abilities to seriously help people.  They are so afraid of being fully seen in all their power and glory for past life fear of being tortured or burned at the stake among many other reasons.  If you are being called to be a healer in this life time, it is an HONOUR to work with Divine Grace and create ripple effect on the planet.  Why stay stuck in fear, lack, scarcity, excuses when you can finally heal that last illusive piece and shine?  Your clients need you!  The world needs you, and God needs all of us to help make a difference.  We’re all in this soul family for a reason!  Contact me and let’s meet again in this lifetime and make some magic happen together!