I was born and raised in New York with some of my formative years in Argentina and many world travels with my parents, led me to be “captured by the Condor” in Machu Picchu when I was 10.  I didn’t know that then, but 30 years later, living in England with my own kids in their formative years, I was led to The Four Winds Healing The Light-body School with Dr. Albert Villoldo which completely changed my life and put me on my path of working with energy.  A few years prior I had experienced my ‘dark night of the soul’ (when your guardian angel leaves you to make way for a more efficient one to step in) and went back to school to study Transactional Analysis with intent to becoming a psychotherapist.  Instead it led to a career in corporate training and I went on to study Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology.  A trip to Peru with the Four Winds led me to studying Theta Healing with Vianna Stibal and becoming one of England’s first four Theta Healing Teachers. I went into private practice in 2004 and taught classes in Sweden, Ireland, England and Spain.

In 2009 I started taking small groups to Peru on shamanic based spiritual healing trips.  Finally I took my business online wanting to reach as many people as possible so I could do my part to raise the vibration and consciousness of the planet.

Who comes to me?

Anyone who feels stuck!  Anyone who is still being triggered and re-acting rather than consciously responding. I prefer to work with healers who understand how energy works and who understand that they have to do their part of the work and practice!

If you want to:

  • Feel completely connected to your highest self and the beautiful Pachamama (Mother Earth)

  • Connect with your clients and have clarity of thought

  • Let go of all that negative mental mind chatter

  • Speak your truth without any fear of judgement

  • Let go of childhood wounds that you may be projecting onto your current life

  • Live with peace and balance, free from being triggered

Then you’re in the right place!

Who is holding you accountable?

How I can help you:

My work marries extremely well with all modalities.

This site is for you. Explore. Use it. Ask Questions. Heal.

The best way to contact me is by emailing me at shannon@shannonoflaherty.com or by direct message on Facebook. And if you’re not already part of my Facebook Group called The Spiritually Conscious Traveller, I recommend you join it, I post free content, offer healing advice and more.