Wasting Your Energy Worrying?

Worried about worrying? When we worry, we are not in alignment or connected to Source Energy.  Worrying is when we project doom and gloom into the future. When you understand the Law of Attraction you realise that when we worry we are essentially putting that energy out there, lining up with it, so we can attract it back to us! Worrying keeps [...]

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Constantly Fragmented Or Scatterbrained?

Can you remember walking into a room for some reason and thinking, “What on earth did I come in here for?” Can it be attributed to menopause or old age? Possibly, they could be factors, but for the majority of times it’s because your mind is in so many different places. Look at all of the books that have been written about [...]

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Solar Plexus Chakra Got You Worried?

I was standing on a fairly wide path speaking with two friends.  A woman wanted to pass by, but even though we were outside in the fresh air, she felt she needed the full two metres of space to shimmy by so that she would remain safe. People are seriously stressing about being out in the world right now.  The paranoia level [...]

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The bow wave. What is it, and how do you know when you’re in it?

Literally the bow wave is the wave the bow of the boat makes in the water before the rest of the boat goes through it. Analogically the bow wave is when we commit to something and then all of our stuff gets stirred up. Maybe we have signed up for a course.  Then we develop car troubles and have to put our [...]

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Don’t Just Take A Pill – Permanently Heal Instead!

Do you want to feel better temporarily or do you actually want to fix the problem permanently?  Taking a pain killer or putting a band-aid over something is not a permanent solution. The same goes with our emotions.  We bury them early on so that we CAN grow and carry on successful, generally happy and stable adult lives. But…. just what is [...]

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What If There’s Still A Monster Under Your Bed?

The number one limiting, subconscious, habitual pattern that I hear in my spiritually conscious clients and students is… are you ready for this? What if? What if I don't have enough money? What if it doesn't work? What if my partner doesn't like it? What if my family judges me? What if my friends all think I'm crazy? What if I fail? [...]

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Practicing Being In The Present

If you're not moving along on your spiritual path as quickly as you think you ought to be, it could be because of a number of reasons. But the main reason is consistency….or lack of it! In the beginning stages of our spiritual awakening, we read a book, take a class,  we have an inspired moment, we think, oh, that's amazing! And [...]

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Breaking The Frustration Habit

Years ago when I moved to Spain, I bought a big 15 foot circular trampoline. My partner at the time was very patiently helping me construct and put it together. It was frustrating because you really need more than two people to easily put together such a huge trampoline. Frustration was one of my core things that used to really grip me. [...]

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Are Your Best Intentions Still Not Producing the Results that You Desire?

Having good intentions, positive thoughts, sending out and calling in uplifting energy is a great start. Because what we think we create. But because energy is a vibration, we’ve got to line up with the feeling of our intentions. Energy is real, whether it’s visible or not. It exists. So we can have positive affirmations all day long… but if we're not [...]

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