We ARE NOT Our Stories

There's a lot of energy spent on distrust going around right now because of big gaps in people's opinions.  There’s a lot of two sides of the fence kind of thing which divides people. But if you're working from a place within your conscious Sacred Heart, you're always connected to that love energy source. Then, you'll be in alignment with humanity at [...]

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Self Absorbed or Self Loving?

Self absorption shows up in many different ways and sometimes we don't think of it as that. For example, feeling financially stressed all of the time is a type of self absorption or helicopter parenting or overcompensating or when we're so busy doing so many things like fretting over things out of our control or trying to control certain things, or worrying [...]

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Do You Have The Courage To Be Spontaneous?

We need courage to be spontaneous and willing to take a risk, spiritually, financially, mentally, physically, intellectually in every which way, because all of those things are not independent of each other. They are every part of us and it feels like it's a huge risk to invest in ourselves because that doesn't seem to be the norm. The norm is to [...]

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Light or Dark? You Choose!

We all have a light side and a shadow side. When we're experiencing the shadow side of ourselves, that's when we are in our pixelated fragmented energy, when it's easy for us to fall into despair. We have a loss of faith and our hope diminishes, and we can feel extremely oversensitive. But on the other side of things is our light [...]

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Choose Rebellious Self Love!

When we're having an pixelated experience, different road blocks that we’ve created ourselves show up in our lives. And they show up in different ways. So you've got to ask yourself a few questions: Are you often, or do you see a pattern developing where you're walking away from your opportunities and then regretting your choices? Do you feel like you're stuck [...]

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Does Your Relationship Status Need an Update?

Our whole lives have to do with relationship. The relationship first and foremost that we have with ourselves, our God, our creatures, partners, families.  And we are also in relationship with our material possessions, our environment, community, and with money. Everything in life is about relationship. The most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves because everything starts within. If [...]

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Which Mental Disease Do You Have?

Sacrifice, scarcity and poverty are all just a mental disease. That's because it's about mastering your thoughts about each of those which keep us in a place of believing we are missing something. They are programmes that have been instilled within us. Yes, there are millions of people born into poverty, and live with next to nothing, however, many of them who [...]

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Sacrificing Balance Will Not Help You Achieve Your Goals

We all lead busy lives and often have a multitude of things pulling at us from different directions.  If you’re a parent of young kids you also have their schedules to incorporate into your own.  Work demands, family time, financial obligation, fitness goals and down time. We’re taught from an early age that sacrifice is just part of life.  That we cannot [...]

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Give Yourself The Gift of YOU!

From Fear Into Love is a profound twelve week online accredited healing/spiritual coaching course that will help you identify and release the deepest roots of your limiting beliefs that are triggering you, perhaps subconsciously, and holding you back in life. You want to make a difference in the world, but are you consistently in a place of balance and love, trusting what [...]

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Journeying Within

The Spiritually Conscious Traveller is someone who journeys within to discover the hidden shadow parts of themselves so she can heal them and feel fulfilled in her life. So many of my clients don’t even realise they are holding onto trauma from their childhood that is still affecting their lives and holding them back. We make our perceptions about ‘how things are’ [...]

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