Exciting upcoming events are happening in The Spiritually Conscious Traveller FB group starting this week. Sunday, August 21st, at 5 pm UK time, (that’s 12 noon Eastern Standard Time), we're going to be having the first of what I'm calling Creative Conversations, because we are all creators, right? We all have that God part, that Universal Intelligence part of ourselves working for [...]

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Stop Judging Your Process

I want to remind everybody to stop judging your process! I went through this too a long time ago.We think as healers, or whatever line of work we’re in, especially if we've been doing it for some time, “I should be further along than this.” So first of all, get rid of that word “should”. Who says what this “should” is about?  [...]

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Stop Making Excuses!

I've been very happy and feeling all of the love from everybody who's given me feedback about my recent book that I've just published, Controlling Your Hidden Emotions - How To Make Friends And Live With Your Emotions. It's been very exciting! One of my old clients just sent me a picture of herself holding up my book and she asked, “why [...]

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What You DO When Pushed Out Of Your Comfort Zone Makes All The Difference

Getting out of our comfort zone happens in so many different ways. Usually, we think about getting out of our comfort zones as an emotional thing; pushing our barriers of where we feel comfortable in our guts. But sometimes physical issues can push us out of our comfort zones too. Five and a half weeks ago, I broke my foot so I [...]

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My Book “Controlling Your Hidden Emotions – How To Make Friends And Live With Your Emotions” is Now Available!

I am so excited to announce my first book Controlling Your Hidden Emotions - How To Make Friends and Live With Your Emotions is now available on Amazon!  I truly want you to have the life-changing information in this book, so we are offering a limited-time discount! Click the book cover below to get your copy on Kindle book for .99 cents [...]

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We Are Creators

We are creators. Yep, that's right. It’s the same thing as manifesting, the same thing as connecting to our God, our Source, and the same thing as raising our vibration because we are all vibrational beings. Everything that happens to us in our lifetime, everything that we draw to ourselves, everything that we think, and everything that we do and say is [...]

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Be Guided By The Signs and Symbols Of The Universe

It’s important to allow ourselves to be guided by the signs and symbols from the universe and nature that are all around us every day. Sometimes, without even realising it we're being guided, like when we have a moment of inspiration, an ‘aha’ moment when a great idea pops into our heads. Usually, the first thing we do is start to talk [...]

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Summer Solstice Thoughts

Happy Summer Solstice to everyone!  The longest day of the year, June 21st, the most light. I hope wherever you are, that you're enjoying being connected to nature and the elements and honouring the different cycles of nature that we're in all the time. In Peru all the stone temples are lined up so that when the light shines on the summer [...]

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Walking on Eggshells

Because of my mother’s childhood and her psychological make-up and response to the world, followed by the circumstances of my birth, and my psychological make-up and perception of the world, I was always walking on eggshells around her. She taught me this “natural” way of being which actually made my BEING fundamentally unsure of myself. If I could not be my natural free child around her [...]

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