Are you putting extra pressure on yourself during this time?

Are you putting extra pressure on yourself during this time? Are you comparing yourself to others? Are you being stressed from self-sabotage? First it's about accepting how things are. Choose one daily task to accomplish and over time that will add up and make you feel more productive. I've been focussing on [...]

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Reflecting on Abraham-Hicks

Reflecting on Abraham-Hicks. Where are you putting your focus? When we calibrate our vibration to something that we do not want, like Corona Virus for example, calibrating to the fear and worry attached to it, we are sacrificing our connection to Source Energy. When we are aligned and connected to Source Energy [...]

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Having a Hard Time Letting Go

https://medium.com/@shannon_98556/having-a-hard-time-letting-go-72056dae9f38 Isn’t it annoying when you’re quite happily attached to wallowing in your upset feelings, when someone chirpy and ridiculously happy comes along and says, “Let it go!”? Yeah, that’s me. I’m the annoyingly positive “let it go” coach. So let me just explain where I’m coming from with that because [...]

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I’m getting rid of the ‘should’ I made it up for myself It’s a stupid rule anyway I’m putting that on the shelf Don’t want to get up Don’t want to get dressed Don’t want to exercise Don’t want to be stressed Don’t want to allow in All the sad news Don’t [...]

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Full Moon Shamanic Despacho Intention Setting Ceremony.

Full Moon Shamanic Despacho Intention Setting Ceremony. April 7th. A focussed ritualistic prayer offering to the Mother Earth, our beautiful Pachamama so we can call in what we desire and send love and healing to the earth and humanity at large. Join my free Facebook Group The Spiritually Conscious Traveller for tips [...]

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Ingredients for making a shamanic despacho offering for our beautiful Pachamama

Here are the ingredients you will need if you want to make your OWN despacho with me tomorrow 2:30 EST. Really your INTENTION is what matters the most, so don't worry if you don't have all the ingredients, just get creative. You can even use fresh ingredients, like a thin slice of [...]

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Intention Setting with a Full Moon Shamanic Despacho

Every full moon I create a despacho which is a shamanic sacred offering to our beautiful Pachamama. It is made like a mandala with layers of symbolic offerings of sugar, spices, seeds, sweets, coca leaves and flowers to represent abundance and healing. Each of the layers have prayers blown into them, healing [...]

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