What Are You Still Lugging Around With You From Your Past?

People are still lugging around failure, guilt, shame, trust issues, pain, fear, worry, physical and sexual abuse trauma, insecurities, depression, fear of the future, fear of being loved, feeling like life has to be hard or that you're never enough among countless other emotional lead filled bags and sometimes all of that manifests as physical weight. A lot of people, myself included [...]

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We Are Products Of Our Ancestors But NOT Bound To Their Beliefs

When people say, “it runs in the family,” tell them, “this is where it runs out,” because you don't have to continue repeating the same ancestral patterns. It amazes me that so many people never really think about their ancestors or where they came from. Why we behave the way that we do, why our family works the way it does, why [...]

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The Labyrinth of Life

Today I went to a beautiful medicine circle with a lovely local community. A woman came with an amazing labyrinth painted on a big piece of fabric that covered the entire floor. It was really wonderful to have the opportunity to walk in a sacred way through this labyrinth. If you look up the meaning of labyrinth it says: a complicated irregular [...]

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Horizon Light Shadow and Flow

Monday was the spring equinox, which is when the equator is in perfect alignment with the sun and all of the influences on the planet are in equilibrium. The Latin word aequus means equal and nox means night so that's why it's called the spring equinox. I led a lovely despacho and fire ceremony for the Conscious Cafe in Skipton here in [...]

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Reclaim Your Spirit

There's a wonderful quote by Stephen Colbert who said, “Thankfully, dreams can change. If we'd all stuck with our first dream the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses.” I love that quote, but in regards to reclaiming your spirit, I'm not talking about remembering ‘what do I want to be when I grow up,’ unless indeed that's still calling out [...]

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Who Or What Do You Give Your Authority To In Your Life?

Authority can be perceived in many different ways. It can mean permission, the upper hand, or giving your power to someone. It can also mean your personal sovereignty. Whatever kind of mode of authority you're in, most days all of us are giving up our authority (as an umbrella word), to different people, aspects and things all around us because of our [...]

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Peace Love Unity and Understanding

I've seen a lot of memes and things posted on Facebook about Putin vs. Ukraine.  And just like everyone I appreciate a good bit of political humour or even some sick and twisted humour sometimes. But I really feel the need to talk about the energy behind these things. Because right now, naturally we're all sending Ukraine love and healing energy and [...]

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The Strength of Vulnerability

This week in my Facebook group The Spiritually Conscious Traveller, I asked a question, "What does vulnerability mean to you?” I was very pleased to see that most responded believing vulnerability is a strength and that its empowering. That's a wonderful shift of thinking in terms of what some people think vulnerability means. One dictionary meaning says: it's the quality or state [...]

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