Mirror Mirror On The Wall Why Are You So Annoying?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Why are You So Annoying? What we see when we look in the mirror is one thing. What people project onto us and then mirror back to us is another thing! Here are a few ways to practice staying on an even keel when someone is mirroring something back to you that is triggering your stuff! This is not the underlying belief clearing work that really needs to happen so you’re NOT triggered in the first place, this is just a few tips to help you practice noticing, and ways to embrace it. If you want to do the deep work of clearing the root beliefs so you’re NOT constantly triggered, Join my free Face Book Group Releasing The Wounded Healer so you can see if we resonate.

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STOP MAKING EXCUSES! You’re a healer! Look at the amount of faith and trust you are tapping into every day to help people! You are not wondering and worrying about if THAT is going to work. You know it will, because you have faith in your connection to Source. You need to have the same faith in your Resourcefulness ie: filled with Source, your creativity and connection with Spirit in EVERY aspect of your life. Why are you continuing to hold yourself back? Take the leap of faith! Join my free Facebook Group Releasing The Wounded Healer, and I promise to push you out of your uncomfortable comfort zone so you can finally shift and find the clarity you have been searching for. Click here to join: bit.ly/2RCA3Xi

Happy Full Moon October 24th 2018

Happy Full Moon October 24th 2018. The Hunter’s Moon is brighter. This is a time of intense emotional energy and stepping up in relationships with yourself, your partner, your work, your health, creativity. If you’re not fully available for yourself how can you really be there for someone else? You can cleanse your crystals under the moonlight too! Join my free Facebook Group Releasing The Wounded Healer for tips and tools to help you expand on your healing path. Click here to join: bit.ly/2RCA3Xi

Has Your Loved One Gone to the Light or Zipped Into you?

Sometimes when people die their spirit doesn’t go to the light but zips into someone living, either because they are afraid of dying, or they want to keep an eye on their family, or they are worried about someone, there can be a whole host of reasons. Usually it is subconscious as our souls want to go home to the light. But it is not healthy for the person hosting the spirit as over time they can take on the health issues or qualities of that person. If you are hosting an entity, for your own sake and the sake of the spirit, you need to have that spirit removed and set back to the light. Join my free Facebook Group Releasing The Wounded Healer for tips and tools to help you progress on your healing path. Click here to join: bit.ly/2RCA3Xi

Are You Keeping a Secret To Yourself by Not Speaking Your Truth?

Are you speaking your truth? Are you being impeccable with your words? Your words are vibrations, and what you put out into the universe is what you attract. Stop being lazy with your words! Say exactly what you mean, and follow through. Step up to yourself and stop keeping a secret to yourself about who you really are. Be brave enough to face the things about yourself you really don’t want to see. Then you will heal them. Join my free Facebook Group Releasing The Wounded Healer for tips and tools to help you speak your truth. Click here to join: bit.ly/2RCA3Xi

Feeling Lost or like You Don’t Belong?

Feeling like you don’t belong? Are you feeling Lost? Chances are your soul remembers who you are, but your “Human” is still trying to fit into this linear world instead of re-connecting to the metaphysical aspects like Being, Knowing, Identity, Time and Space that you fundamentally want to tap into. You can choose your “reality”. Join my free Facebook Group Releasing The Wounded Healer if you want tips and information to step into your authentic truth now. Click here to join: bit.ly/2RCA3Xi

Holding Onto Ancestral Wounding?

Are you holding onto your ancestral wounding? Is your familial cycle of drama repeating itself generation after generation? You can break the cycle by stepping up and committing to do the personal work needed to heal the past. Haven’t you ever wondered where the wounding comes from in the first place? Do you really want to pass that on to the next generation or heal it now? Join my free Facebook Group Releasing the Wounded Healer for tips and information on how to shift. The time to heal is now! Click here to join: bit.ly/2RCA3Xi


Receiving Mixed messages from People?

Do you often feel like you are receiving mixed messages from people? What people say and how they act is not alway congruent with how they feel. It can be confusing. This is a wonderful opportunity to tap into your guidance system and practice trusting your intuition! Need help with that? Join my free FB Group Releasing The Wounded Healer Click here to join: bit.ly/2RCA3Xi

Archetypes and Power Animals

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Want To Be Aligned With Source Energy?

Want to be aligned with Source Energy? Get in your happy place! We have to FEEL good to be in the right vibration! Look at something beautiful, feel appreciation for every possible thing around you even if you have to be ridiculous! Create FUN out of nothing! You’re probably connecting to Source much more than you think you are! Join my FREE facebook group called Heart Centered Purpose for tips and tools to find your authentic truth and live your purpose. Click here to join: bit.ly/2RCA3Xi

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