'From Fear Into Love' is a profound eight week online course that will help you identify and release the deepest roots of your limiting beliefs that are triggering you perhaps subconsciously and holding you back in life. You are already devoted to your healing path, but are you consistently in a place of balance and love?

This course is 8 weeks because we begin with the root chakra in the first week and work our way up through all 7 of them and the 8th spiritual Wiracocha energy center. It's like spiritual plumbing. Everyone needs a coach and mentor, someone to hold you accountable and see you in your highest potential. You will have tools for life to consistently keep you in balance and help your clients and loved ones do the same. The time for total clarity is now.


  • Introductory phone call to establish what you want to shift
  • ~90 minute video classes every week for eight weeks
  • Audio files of belief systems to clear and meditations
  • Weekly homework to be submitted each week
  • Live two hour coaching call, with other class members, to have face time with Shannon, ask questions and share experiences with other class members
  • Two hour healing/coaching session upon graduation
  • Access to a private Alumni Facebook group with one free monthly alumni coaching call to keep you accountable and in alignment


  • You will learn all about the chakra system and which organs and belief systems are related to each one
  • You will receive healing during the class and learn how to clear your limiting beliefs yourself!
  • You will also learn how to work with other people
  • Your foetal memories and oaths from past lives will be cleared and will help heal the ancestral line
  • You will have guided meditations and learn other energetic techniques that you can apply immediately
  • Consider this class like spiritual plumbing! You will shift! You will have tools to use for the rest of your life

Click the button below to schedule a no-commitment discovery call with Shannon to see if you qualify for the course and are a vibrational match to work together...