10 Day, Spiritual Retreat to Machu Picchu – Peru – May 10th – 19th 2019 $3,700. (American Dollars) (£’s according to exchange rate at time of booking)

or 15 Day Trip to include Puno and Lake Titicaca  May 10th – 24th $4,300.

The warm Peruvian people, breathtaking mountain views and ancient temples are enough reasons to visit Peru, but if you really want a life changing experience you’ll travel with me, Shannon O’Flaherty.  I’ve been taking small groups to Peru since 2009 and have witnessed many of my passengers lives profoundly change.  In fact two of my past passengers now live in Peru!

We weave authentic Peruvian shamanic philosophy, teachings and healing ceremonies into our exquisite explorations of the enchanting and beautiful sites of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Including Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, and if you stay for the whole 15 days, Lake Titicaca and Sillustani.  Life-changing stuff!

You will be amazed at how quickly your consciousness will shift.  Your eyes will open to allow you to see new possibilities and have a depth of understanding at a soul level that you always knew existed, but just couldn’t access!  

You will have the adventure of flying into Cusco over the snow-capped mountains from Lima and immediately retreating to a beautiful hotel in the sacred valley. This will be our base at a lower altitude than Cusco so you can acclimate.

Moray is a magical place with natural depressions in the earth that were terraced and used to grow different varieties of corn.  In this spiritual huaca we will have the air ceremony.  A Huaca is a sacred place that in energy and beauty is superior to the rest…there are a lot of huaca’s that we will visit.  

Later we will take a leisurely down hill hike to the impressive salt flats at Maras.





                                                                       Loving the Pachamama at Moray in ceremony

The ritual area of Pisac, where we will ceremonially honour our ancestors is found in the hills above the best market town where  you will have the pleasure of discovering authentic Peruvian crafts. We will be dropped off at the top and hike down the mountain into the market.


The Sacred Valley stretches for a hundred kilometres between Pisac and Machu Picchu and includes many towns and monuments that were built during the Incan Empire.

42% percent of your trip costs go towards charities and social enterprise projects which my company, Shannon O’Flaherty supports. 

In one of the many Incan communities we will spend an afternoon providing children who walk 2 – 3 hours to school each day with new school supplies to help keep their greenhouse and kitchen projects functioning.

The Temple at Ollantaytambo sits spectacularly over the town with a 140 meter high Incan Wiracocha God figure sculpted into the mountains.  In a beautiful sacred site nearby, we will have a despacho ceremony, and we will put our prayers in the offering to the Pachamama (the mother earth).

You will also have the opportunity to experience a San Pedro (cactus plant medicine) journey (this is optional).  San Pedro or Huachuma is a purging medicine that connects you to all there is. This will be led by my wonderful San Pedro Master Shaman, Freddy. 

Getting to Machu Picchu takes you on one of the most scenic train rides through the magical Andes.  We’ll arrive at Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of Machu Picchu.  You will have time to explore the town and dine before we gather as a group and enjoy the naturally fed thermal baths.

The next day begins early with a sunrise ceremony and connection with the sun, high in the terraced Citadel of Machu Picchu.  The Great Inca meant Son of the Sun.  Here we will explore the ancient sites with our fantastic and knowledgeable guide Cristian, my lovely Peruvian colleague.  You can also receive a Machu Picchu stamp in your passport!  

Cusco is a fabulously colourful city bustling with characters and atmosphere.  We want you to have the most authentic experience here and provide the opportunity of some excellent Peruvian nightlife!  Naturally we have other surprises for you too along the way…

 Fresh juice in the San Pedro Market, Cusco

Surrounding Cusco are some of the most amazing sacred sites and huaca’s (power places).  My favourite is Saqsayhuaman, which is the head of the puma; the shape in which Cusco was originally created. The tradition said this was where the guardian spirits lived.  The head of the puma represented the head of the Empire, or place of superhuman power.  Great walls of megalithic stones are placed together so tightly without mortar it has been identified as a fortress, House of Weapons and War and also as a Temple for prayer and sacrifice.  

                                                                 The Serpent at Sacsaywaman

Qenqo is another astonishing sanctuary where it is possible to go into the belly of the mother.  Here we feel the three worlds of the Ukhupacha, or the underworld symbolised by a serpent; the Kaypacha, the middle world in which we live symbolised by the puma; and the Hananpacha, the upper-world of eternity and Gods symbolised by the condor.

As it may be our final night for some of the group we’ll have a farewell dinner and gifting ceremony.

Indeed when you decide you simply have to stay you’ll meet some condors in person! It wouldn’t be the first time passengers have had to beg for more time off work and rearrange their flights so they could stay longer…

Raqchi is a sacred place of prayer which offers us a chance to spin off some old energy that no longer serves us.  We leave there feeling reborn before continuing on to Tinajani.  There we will see stones take on personalities!

                                                                           Did you see that?

Eventually we arrive in Puno a city expanding off of the side of Lake Titicaca.  South America’s biggest, and the World’s highest navigable lake. 

The next day we will have an early start and take a boat ride out to Uros, the floating islands that are made entirely from reeds!  We’ll return so you have time to experience the master weavers and notice the difference in crafts in this area.

Over the following couple of days we visit sacred sites like Amaru Muro, a sacred wall which was used as a portal.  Also Chucuito, a very strong fertility site.  Then on to Sillustani a breathtaking lakeside sacred site which often has a lot of alien activity.

 You can crawl into some of these which were used as sweat lodges

We don’t want you to miss out on anything so we’ll experience the authentic Puno night life as well!

We’ll have our final night in Juliaca with some traditional food before flying back to Lima the following day.  Enlightened, transformed, renewed and with great friendships.

We stay in comfortable hotels and although there is some hiking on this trip, it is mainly down hill and at a leisurely pace, with snacks and ceremonies!

Travel Includes:

• Perú flight from Lima to Cusco – Cusco to Lima (or Juliaca to Lima)

• All ground transportation, private transport, train, etc.

• 9 or 14 night’s accommodation based on two people sharing

• All entrance tickets to archaeological sites

• Private spiritual guides, shamans

• Peruvian cuisine in selected restaurants

• Also some picnics with ancestral music

• Participate in shamanic ceremonies at powerful spiritual huaca’s • Visit all of the most important archaeological sites and Centers of Power (huaca’s)

• Sweat lodge – for the renewal of yourself and connection with the beautiful Pachamama (Mother Earth) in the sacred valley

• San Pedro ceremony (sacred plant medicine)

• Self-discovery connection with our universe in the Temples of the Elements, Water, Fire, Earth and Wind

• 42% of all profits are donated to our Peruvian nonprofit project, Power of the Heart.

Travel does not include:

• International flights from your country of origin to Lima – Perú and departure taxes from Lima to your Home country

• Dinners

•TIPS (for staff in restaurants and hotels, our guides, shamans and bus drivers, etc. gratitude to all )

Not sure about traveling?  A month or more before we leave I send out lots of great information like packing lists and everything you could possibly need to know ahead of time.  I limit my groups to a maximum of 15 people so it can remain intimate.

This is a wonderful time to start a journal if you aren’t already keeping one!  We will have good internet every day at some point in time (usually in the mornings before we set off) so those of us with online businesses can still keep them going!  But I would suggest if you can, to allow yourself the pleasure of “getting away from it all.”  Past passengers have said it was truly a holiday because they didn’t have to worry about anything.  Even on your afternoons and evenings off, the group often sticks together anyway, or people pair up to explore.  You won’t be left wandering alone wondering what to do!

I so look forward to traveling with you and helping you expand your vision and potential in ways you haven’t yet imagined!

I will be taking non-refundable deposits to hold your place by February 7th, 2019.

Munay, (love)