• Discover your limiting beliefs about money and abundance.  There are over 60 limiting beliefs that you may be surprised to find out are holding you back in attracting your abundance flow.  I show you how to discover your limiting beliefs, how to notice when you are having them and how to clear them.  By following the guidelines in this mini-e-book you can begin to clear your money blocks and start to raise your vibration to all things abundance!  Isn’t it time you start to create the life you dream about?  
  • A Despacho Ceremony is designed to align, balance and harmonize our consciousness with the Pachamama and establish ‘Ayni’ (right relationship).  There are many different types of despachos but generally it is a beautiful ritual of expressing gratitude and intention setting.
  • The 7 Sacred Oaths

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    In past lifetimes we made oaths, sacred oaths which bound us to them.  We could have made the oaths in covens, in churches, in various pagan rituals, in royalty, to God, to the government, or to people. These 7 oaths are particularly binding because they were usually made during sacred ceremony, or under duress or threat.  Just as taking a vow of marriage is an oath, “till death do us part” clears the oath when death occurs. It doesn’t matter where the oaths came from, but it is important that we clear them.
  • Clarity And Abundance Course

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    This class is based on the main chakra system and the subconscious beliefs associated with each one.  You will learn how to discover recognise and release subconscious limiting habitual patterns and core beliefs that are holding you back rom living your best life.
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