“From the very first time I saw Shannon demonstrate her healing therapy I’ve been impressed with her abilities and deep caring. It’s been said elsewhere that she’s a ‘Therapist’s therapist’ and I’d agree. She works hard on herself to continually deepen her practice and challenges herself to keep moving out of her comfort zone. She brings the same level of dedication to her clients. She’s also a great travel guide and organizer of trips to amazing experiences in Peru and elsewhere. If you’re thinking of working with Shannon, I’d say you’re in for a transformation.”

Dan Kahn, Oxfordshire, UK

“Shannon is an astounding healer and spiritual coach. She is the healer/coach to whom healers turn when they need help. She is compassionate, intelligent, funny (!), and brilliantly insightful. Her healings go deep, and profoundly change both body, mind and spirit for the better. I have known Shannon for almost 2 decades, having met at “shaman school”. We have exchanged healings, I have taken workshops and certifications she has given, and have grown tremendously from Shannon’s expertise. She is a thorough, effective and warmhearted healer and coach, with integrity I would stake my life on. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Barbara Butcher , Uboe, Colorado

“I have had a few healing sessions with Shannon over the years which were great for identifying and clearing some deep seated issues. I wasn’t consciously aware of them but they were affecting my daily life and holding me back.
I have attended her workshops and found them informative, fun, powerful and good value.
Highly recommended.
Give it a try and decide for yourself.”

Jayne Thorpe, Yorkshire, UK

“Shannon, you did indeed work miracles! Relationship: much easier, more affectionate. Health: doctors report came back with no problem showing and do not have to be recalled! Business: more options and looking good! Many thanks.”

J. Curd, Corporate Responsibility Business Owner, London, UK

“This is my testimonial for the amazing work Shannon did with me. I was in shock & despair after my partner’s massive betrayal . I felt my soul was burning in fire. Shannon suggested cutting cords between me & my partner but she insisted I had to release anger first and forgive. So I did, I think my neighbors wondered what was going on! After Shannon cut the cords I felt a sudden shift in my energy. I felt peace. My logic screamed but how? My soul said oh yes …
I can’t thank her enough for fetching me back from hell. All my love … “

Soheila , Wakefield, UK

“This amazing healer has helped me so much!

Healing with Shannon worked on my physical body and my psychological state.

Physically, her work released blocks in my lower chakras (pelvis & lower back.) For many days after I had the treatment I was moving with much more ease and much more lightness of being. I could literally feel that an energy block I was not aware of had been cleared.

For my psychological state she worked closely with me, asking questions about my beliefs. We found I had a base belief that I had been carrying for over twenty years. With Shannon’s help I was able to realise this unhealthy and painful belief and release it. This has helped me to understand certain aspects of my self that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Shannon is a very powerful energy healer and I highly recommend her. Give yourself what you deserve and feel the healing power of love.”

Verity Combe , Edinburgh, UK

“After my first visit with Shannon I was hugely impressed. During the session she identified a number of my (then) limiting beliefs with a great degree of intuitive accuracy. She was able to replace these with self-empowering alternatives and also removed a long-standing energetic block from my body. I immediately felt different. Lighter, freer and more optimistic. I literally left feeling like a brand new person. Within weeks I noticed that previously ‘stagnant’ situations and circumstances I’d felt ‘trapped’ within suddenly melted away. Self-defeating habits and attitudes were also subdued. Reality seemed to have somehow ‘shifted’. I changed careers (ending up in my dream job) and my life changed in many positive ways.

All I can say is that if you are ready for a change (and willing to work at it and ‘stay on the path’) Shannon can definitely steer you in the right direction. Her sessions clear away all the negative ‘clutter’ and help you dump any old, self-sabotaging ‘debris’ – Leaving you free to start afresh and change your life!”

Bob, London, UK

“My work with Shannon has brought clarity and structure to my approach to prioritization, decision-making and working through challenging situations to achieve the desired outcome.”

C. Carey, London, UK

“Suspecting that my severe back pain was all to do with an elusive negative belief, I sought your help. Your initial energy scan showed that I had the equivalent of a metal blade completely severing my body through the Root Chakra – no wonder I’d been having difficulty grounding myself. Your intuitive questioning quickly identified the negative belief and Hey Presto an instant healing! Thank you Shannon you’re amazing.”

Richard, Lake District, UK

“Shannon, thanks for yesterday, I had a pain free and fabulously restful night! Pure joy and bliss. Want to say for the record that even though my kundalini energy has shown me how to embrace other healing routes to assist my process – nothing compares to the work you are doing with me! I’m very grateful.”

Rada Vjestica, Yorkshire, UK

“My doctors couldn’t believe how well I was! My lab reports have never looked so good; sugar cholesterol, blood pressure were all normal or better than normal! The best part for me is that I am pain free and have energy again! You saved my life!”

Mavis Sherman, Arlington, Virginia, USA

“I try all sorts of therapies, but I like yours the most, it works the fastest and I see results immediately.”

Y. Coro, Almunecar, Spain

“I felt so calm, slept extremely deeply and in the morning I had my answer!”

K. Horsborugh, Addingham, UK

“Whatever you did, I haven’t felt this well in fourteen years!”

R. Puliatti, New York City, USA

“I noticed a huge difference in my self confidence and felt so much lighter, it was amazing!”

S. Chimlowski, Feng Shui Consultant, Malaga, Spain

“You’ve helped us understand each other so much more. We are closer than ever!”

M. Hoggard & D. Brockwell, U.K

“Shannon, just to say you are wonderful and gave me a good idea to knock out my intellectual side and give more weight to my feeling side. It has been an enjoyable weekend and now I am even thinking of becoming a shaman!”

L. Lin, Taiwan

“Thank you for a wonderful seminar it was everything I hoped for and more. My personal healing from my consultation with you was truly amazing, the difference to my energy and size of tumor astounding! I’m already using Theta with my clients!”

C. Festa, Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, Nutritionist, London, U.K

“Along came Shannon. I asked for the highest and best. I wasn’t disappointed. Love and light.”

K. Burns, Classical Feng Shui Master, Blackpool, U.K

“Thank you for being such a remarkable teacher who has a dynamic personality with a sense of fun. The lessons learned are truly life changing.”

S. Armskirk, Blackpool, U.K