Are you letting your doubt dent your ability to trust the Universe?

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Are you letting your doubt dent your ability to trust the Universe? When we are born we are not doubting anything, we learn how not to trust from our parents, who learned it from their parents and so on. If you have spent much of your past doubting and being upset about things, it may take some time for that energy to play out before you can start manifesting your new enlightened energy. But also non-attachment is just as important to let go of the past stuff and old vibration as it is to not demand the new vibration to manifest immediately or in the way that you think! Sometimes when people are laid off from their job they feel like their whole world is crumbling and they may go into worry and doubt, but time and time again I have heard people say, “It was the best thing that ever happened to me!” because NEW opportunities were coming to them that they couldn’t see yet and wouldn’t have been available for if they had still been at their old job. Trusting is a practice, yes, there’s that word again! Notice what you are thinking and figure out why, and where it initially came from so you can clear it from your system and manifest and trust much more easily. My new mini e-book Breakthrough Your Abundance Blockers is live and selling for $11.11. Please click the link and get yourself a copy now. It’s all about money but you can apply the teachings to any limiting beliefs! Enjoy. my free Facebook Group The Spiritually Conscious Traveller for tips and strategies to stay in total alignment, rediscover your purpose and passion and live your authentic truth. Click Here to Join:


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