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welcome to from fear into love

From Fear Into Love will help you attain the deepest level of self-awareness, self-understanding and self-love you can possibly have.

Intellectually you know everything you attract is because of you. We’ll show you how to integrate your truth into your daily experience so you’re not just talking about the Law of Attraction, but authentically living it!  

It’s so empowering to finally take the reins of your life and stop sweating the small stuff.

Get your cape ready Wonder Woman!

ready for your life to change?

Does this story sound familiar?


Taking things personally – Other people’s wounding and judgement has nothing to do with you! They may be annoying, but leave it with them!


Blaming someone or something for your mood or feeling less than. – When you’re self-aware, you take responsibility for what you attract and how you feel. As a result, it makes you a nicer person.


Being triggered in conflict and not speaking up. – Wouldn’t it be refreshing to initiate change and handle conflict through influence and modelling a more balanced, peaceful way forward?


Bending over backwards to put others’ needs ahead of your own. Why? You’re the most important person, trust your self-confidence and ability to be received.

The list goes on and on… why stay stuck when you have the power to change?

From Fear Into Love is the perfect name for Shannon’s course it’s exactly what happened  to me when I took this amazing course.

During the course I was able to let go of the fears of being seen as I truly am, the fears that were blocking my self-care and self-love.  

Week by week during the course I began to recognise that the version of myself that I showed in my relationships to my nearest and dearest was not  my true and authentic self. I had always prided myself in being healthy and super fit, however a few years ago I was diagnosed with COPD which has affected my life in so many ways. However, I  was hiding and masking this from my family and friends fearing showing my vulnerability and unable to ask for help and support. 

Using the tools in Shannon’s course I discovered how much I was unnecessarily struggling because of my belief system and unconscious programming. While doing from Fear Into Love I discovered I had deep unconscious beliefs that the only way I could be loved or taken care of was for me to be ill, bedridden, or dying. By releasing all the unconscious programming relating to this has helped  improve my self-care and self-love tenfold.

I am so grateful to Shannon and the amazing group of ladies who worked with me week by week, creating a safe space for me to show my vulnerability. It has helped me become more comfortable and confident asking my family and friends for their help and support which has made my life so much easier.  Thank you everyone xx

– Lorena Granata

You are not alone

All of my past students have gone through similar situations - and I have too.

Believe me, I’ve been there! I even used to blame my ex-husband for the weather in England! I was a master at suppressing my true emotions in case I might upset someone.  So I didn’t speak my truth, hid behind surface happiness and built up a lot of resentment in the process. I had a fairly privileged childhood, so how could I possibly feel deserving and worthy of feeling sad, angry or frustrated? I felt trapped because I didn’t understand why it was so difficult to just. be. me. Whoever that was! Can you relate?

I didn’t realise how afraid and angry I was inside my otherwise “happy” exterior. Now, things that used to make me scream with frustration don’t remotely ruffle my feathers any more! And, (in case you’re wondering) I’ve forgiven my ex for the weather in England and we’re really great friends.

What’s missing from your most joyous, ideal life?
Do you think life is so hard or always a struggle? Surprise! That’s actually a mindset. It’s a learned belief system. So if you learned it, you can unlearn it.

We have seven main energy vortexes in our bodies called chakras. Each one governs different organs and beliefs. For example, it’s fascinating to learn that you can’t seem to clean up your house because your root chakra is out of balance. Or that deep down you don’t feel safe! That’s because our root chakra is all about safety, security, survival and our connection to the earth. Our root chakra provides the link between our energy system and the physical world.

Each week you learn all about a different chakra, how it affects your life holistically (ie: mind, body, emotions, spirit) and receive over 60 beliefs to clear, and heal for each one. Because our emotions also get trapped in our bodies, we’ll get your physical energy flowing better too. We call it Belief Work because using somatic viewing and co-creating with Source Energy, we can literally change our neural pathways in our brains which store our subconscious habitual behaviours.

Besides the chakra system and our neural pathways, we cover ancestral healing, past life oaths, clearing and balancing the energy field, and you’ll learn shamanic exercises and meditations for shifting blockages and expanding your energy.


from Fear into Love

You’ll learn tools to help you manage your emotions in every aspect of your life. Everyone has habitual patterns that hold them back, you may not even know how you sabotage your own success, but when it becomes clear you’ll be like, “How could I not have known about this before?!” That first “Aha” moment usually happens in week one…but they don’t stop there!

It’s deep, personal work. I keep the classes small so everyone can feel safe to be vulnerable.  The friendships and connections that follow are beautiful. Everyone brings their wisdom and experience to the call.  So the more you put into it and show up for yourself, the more you get out of it. 

Are you ready to dig deep?

take a sneak peek inside the curriculum

week 01

  • Root Chakra
  • Learn muscle testing
  • How beliefs form and understanding triggers
  • Testing and clearing beliefs
  • Source Connection Meditation
  • + more!

Week 03

  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Dual beliefs
  • Downloads vs. Clearing
  • Ego and Identity
  • Power and Control
  • Intuitively working with and reading cards
  • +more!

week 10

  • The Central Torus
  • Kundalini Energy
  • Burning Labels
  • Soul retrieval
  • Distant Healing
  • Shamanic Acupuncture
  • + more!

the results

imagine this:

  • Having crystal clear clarity and so many “AHA” moments which leaves you wondering why you didn’t think of this before!

  • Waking up every single day feeling much lighter with a greater understanding of why you react the way you do.

  • Understanding the root causes of your subconscious sabotage techniques and then being able to stop these behaviours

  • You will have a better understanding of your physical and energetic body, its ailments, and how to balance and heal them.

  • Finally feeling emotional freedom and catharsis because you cleared so many layers of suppressed emotions – your relationships will change with everyone and everything for the better!


a year from now you will have wished you started today

so let's get started

Your time is now. Seize your moment!

-me, yesterday

meet your coach

Shannon O'Flaherty

At 37 years old I had what is known as The Dark Night of Your Soul. I knew I had to do something different because life couldn’t possibly be about waking up with a pit of despair in my gut every morning! So I threw myself into studying psychology, energy healing and anything that would enlighten me further.

Twenty years later after a successful career of shamanic healing and coaching in private practice, I joined the technological world two years before the pandemic and took my business online! Phew!

Besides teaching, which I love, I also take small groups to Peru on spiritual healing trips where part of the proceeds go towards funding the education life centre and community project called Yachana Wasi (House of Wisdom in Quechuan).  I run full moon fire ceremonies and bespoke ceremonies for any occasion including marriages and funerals.

I’ve published a couple of books and intend to keep doing that and am developing my speaking career.  I love to travel, write, sing, hike and I believe dancing is the answer for immediate joy!

I love spending time with my gorgeous sons and their beautiful partners and my extended family and friends in Yorkshire. 

I value:

  • Clear, authentic and transparent communication

  • Allowing everyone their personal sovereignty

  • A fabulous and quick sense of humour

  • Assuming the best of people

  • LOVE in all its forms

  • Our fundamental birthright of ABUNDANCE

Meet your coaches

my trusted coaches will also be there to guide you on your journey

Kimberly Kerr

Animal Lover, Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Coach, Energy Healer, Reiki III.

As one of the coaches for From Fear Into Love, with Shannon O’Flaherty, I am here to offer coaching and energy healing. Helping people recognize their triggers, core wounds, and how their words and thoughts influence their reality. Offering healing and reprogramming to help people consciously attract and create the life experiences they desire. 

With the experience of studying with Shannon O’Flaherty, her course: From Fear Into Love, and coaching from Lorena Granata, Animal Communicator, I’ve developed the ability to receive messages from animals. Providing the animals a voice, helps the animals, their human companions, and caregivers to create a mutual understanding that strengthens bonds and more harmonious life together. 

  • Initial Coaching and Energy Healing Sessions $250.00 (120 mins)
  • Follow-Up Sessions $150 (60 mins) 
    Sessions are all remote
  • Animal Communication with Healing Session $250.00
  • Animal Communication Sessions $180.00

Animal Sessions are all remote and include an intro call discussing the process, a session with one animal and up to four questions, and a call or Zoom session following to review the conversation. I will need a photo (or two) of the animal with eyes visible, the animals name, age (if the animal is in spirit when did they transition), breed, sex, and the questions you would like me to ask and/or messages you’d like to tell the animal.

Nancy M. Forsyth

Physical Therapist, Finances and Coach.

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I am married with a beautiful husband, a beautiful 20 year old daughter,  and a lovely, fourteen pound Shihpoo dog. My post-secondary education consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Elective Studies, and a Master of Science in Physical Therapy.

I worked as a physical therapist for ten years, and then started working in my husband’s family business helping clients with tax preparation, accounting and investments.

First as a student, and later as one of the coaches in Shannon O’Flaherty’s From Fear Into Love class, I’ve been on an amazing journey of self discovery where I’ve taken my power back by adjusting my thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, perceptions and boundaries.

My daily practice of going within has resulted in greater self- awareness, and I’ve become a happier, healthier person, AND I attract more flow into my daily life. I enjoy nature, animals, traveling, family, and belief work.
If you are ready to find and face your subconscious limiting beliefs so that you can live free from allowing them to interfere with your progress, please get in touch.

  • 1 hour session $125. Central Time USA
  • May – December availability: 9, 10, 11 a.m.
  • January – April availability: 9 a.m.; 10 a.m.
  • All sessions are on Zoom
    (unless currently enrolled in From Fear Into Love)

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