I believe in transparency and owning your stuff!

When we are hiding behind a mask that we create for ourselves, energetically it is like putting up a giant “KEEP OUT” sign that actually makes us more vulnerable than if we didn’t try to hide all of our human fallibilities. Dare to share your truth with others, and own the mistakes of your past so you can learn from them instead of constantly running

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From fear into Love

Based on the main chakra system, each week you learn about each chakra, what organs it covers and the subconscious limiting beliefs associated with it.  I give you over 60 beliefs to clear for each chakra, and you learn tools to help you manage your emotions in every aspect of your life.

We also cover ancestral healing, past life oaths, clearing the energy field, shamanic exercises and meditations for shifting blockages and expanding energy.  We focus a lot on abundance issues and there is a yoga flow routine for each chakra all woven into one series near the end.

You will shift in week one!  We all have habitual patterns that hold us back.  Some people don’t even know how they sabotage their own success.  From Fear Into Love takes you on a journey of self-discovery and healing unlike any you’ve experienced before. Are you ready to dig deep?



The warm Peruvian people, breathtaking mountain views and ancient temples are enough reasons to visit Peru, but if you want to experience authentic shamanic ceremony and learn about their philosophy then you’ll travel with me.  I support Yachana Wasi (House of Wisdom) which is an educational centre and community project.  30% of trip proceeds also go towards supporting high mountain schools, providing greenhouses and kitchens so kids can have a hot meal at least once a day.  

You’ll see ancient temples, sit in ceremony, have the opportunity to experience plant medicine and meet some amazing people along the way.  This trip shifts your entire life’s perspective. Come and be one with the Mountain Spirits in Peru.

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Shannon O'Flaherty

Shannon has been on her shamanic healing and coaching path for over 20 years in private practice offering online courses and bespoke ceremonies for a variety of occasions.  She takes small groups on spiritual healing trips to Peru where part of the proceeds go towards funding the education life centre Yachana Wasi (House of Wisdom) to give street kids opportunities in life.  She loves to travel, write, sing, hike, dance and enjoys regular contact with her grown sons and extended family in Yorkshire where she lives with her 18 year old cat.

I value:

  • Clear authentic communication

  • Allowing everyone their personal sovereignty

  • A fabulous quick sense of humour

  • Assuming the best of people

  • LOVE in all its forms

  • Our fundamental birthright of ABUNDANCE

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