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Rituals are important for our souls and can be used to honor and acknowledge important moments of our lives, such as weddings, new businesses, moving house, new babies, and even divorces. They are a way to shift energy and connect with our spirituality. I offer personalized ceremonies for any occasion, which can include ancient practices like hand fasting, making an offering to the earth, or even burying a wedding despacho in a chosen location. Together we can create the most authentic service to fulfill your dreams, discussing everything from colors, mood, and flowers to power animals and settings. Let’s connect in a personal way to that beautiful ritual that is often absent in our lives.



Whether it is a fire ceremony to transmute heavy energy to light energy, or a despacho (a prayerful offering to the Pachamama – MotherEarth), or smudging with cleansing palo santo wood and angelic sounding tinkling bells connecting to all the Apu’s (Mountain Spirits) in Peru, ritual is the nourishment for our souls just as important as the food and water that feed our bodies.  

Ritual is a time to honour whatever is before us good or bad, to celebrate, connect, pray, to acknowledge the moment in time where we are. 

Marriage is a personal celebration and I love to weave as many personal aspects of the bride and groom into their blessing. Together with the couple we decide what ceremonial practices you would like to include in the wedding; maybe ancient hand fasting and a wedding despacho which we can bury in a chosen location later, so that it can grow roots like a good marriage.  Most of your guests may never have heard of shamanism, but everyone is moved and genuinely embrace rituals with interest.  

As well as weddings, I offer ceremonies for every occasion.  New business, moving house, new baby, christenings/baby naming, birthdays, graduations.  Those are all happy events but also funerals, or remembrance ceremonies, or even divorces!  When my ex-husband and I split we made divorce vows to each other!  It may sound crazy, but we had worked hard to heal and so we honoured that separation with love.

So what would you like to celebrate?  What would you like to heal or honour?  Ceremonies can seriously shift energy.  I want to help people connect in a personal way to that beautiful ritual that is absent in so many lives.  

Together we meet in person or on Zoom so I can “get into your head” and see your vision.  We discuss, colours, mood, flowers, power animals, God, the setting of your wedding, (or any other ceremony) absolutely everything that goes into the day so we can create the most authentic service to fulfill your dreams. I can offer a fire ceremony, making a despacho (an offering to the earth), hand fasting, twig burning, whatever you desire.

I’m a qualified celebrant from the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and ordained by the Universal Life Church.  Please book a free 20 minute call with me to discuss and book event. Starting from £500 + expenses. 


Instructions: Please add this to cart, (you will not be charged yet), you will then receive an email with a link to schedule a free 20-minute call with me so that we can discuss the scope together and I can provide you with an accurate price.


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