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Private coaching and healing sessions to help you overcome self-doubt, anxiety, and lack of confidence. Through exploration of underlying factors and reframing of belief systems, you can create new neural pathways and experience positive changes in emotional, physical, and energetic well-being. Resources and exercises are provided for continued personal growth and development. With guidance and support, you can achieve extraordinary results and create the life you want and deserve.



In private, two-hour sessions either in person (I’m in Ilkley, West Yorkshire) or on Zoom, I help you discover the roots of your lack of self-confidence, imposter syndrome, resistance, overwhelm, anxiety, doubt, and put you firmly on a trajectory of change that will empower you to have extraordinary results in your emotional, physical and energetic well-being.

During our sessions, we will explore the underlying factors that contribute to the issues you are facing. We will work together to identify the root causes of your self-doubt, anxiety, and lack of confidence. By understanding these factors, we can reframe your root belief systems and create new neural pathways to help you move forward in a positive way.

In addition to our one-on-one sessions, I will provide you with resources and exercises that you can use on your own to continue your personal growth and development. These tools will help you stay on track in between our meetings and reinforce the work we do together.

As you progress through our coaching and healing sessions, you will begin to see changes in your emotional, physical, and energetic well-being. You will feel more confident, centered, and empowered to take on new challenges and opportunities in life. With my guidance and support, you will be able to create the life you want and deserve.


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