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Have you already worked with me and need a top up or gain some insight, or go deeper into something we’ve worked on? Using many of the same techniques in our healing session, I help you investigate different avenues in the area you are exploring. We work through where you are still feeling stuck and how to reframe that so you can move forward.  I give you tools and exercises to practice to help maintain your flow. Sometimes my clients simply need a reminder of how much they have to offer and need to value themselves more. This will lift you and put you back on track.



If you have already had a session with me and are looking to delve deeper into a particular area, or gain some new insights, I can offer you a top-up session. Using the same techniques as our previous healing session, we can explore different avenues related to your area of interest. Together, we will identify any areas where you may still be feeling stuck, and work on reframing those thoughts and emotions to help you move forward with greater ease.

As part of our session, I will provide you with tools and exercises to practice on your own, so that you can continue to maintain your positive momentum between our sessions. Sometimes, my clients simply need a reminder of the value they bring to the table and the importance of prioritizing their own needs. By helping you recognize your own strengths and worth, we can work together to lift your spirits and get you back on track towards achieving your goals.

Duration: 1 hour


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