Dating your Life

using your emotions as a guidance tool

Shannon’s viewpoint; “The reality is, we all have the ability to step away from a life of lack, changing our internal construct, and it starts with Dating Your Life.  Everyone needs a metaphorical SOS help for emotions from time to time and I wrote this book to allow my readers to learn to love themselves and their emotions once more.  I want my readers to empower themselves with the knowledge that this is the first day of the remainder of a beautiful, mindful, loving life.”

What you'll learn

  • Stop living a life of lack
  • Step out of all of the things you “should” be doing
  • Let go of the internal construct created for you
  • Free yourself from the never-ending spiral of what-ifs
  • Heal your inner wounds and take responsibility for your own behaviours

Isn’t it time you learn to appreciate yourself in the same way you appreciate those you love in your life? Surrender to your highest self, trust your inner wisdom, and start dating yourself today.


Controlling your hidden emotions

how to make friends and live with your emotions

With over 20 years of spiritual coaching and shamanic healing experience, Shannon can help you learn how to live a good life by turning confusion into clarity, exhaustion into positive energy, and self-loathing into self-love. In a non-medical or over-the-top spiritual tone of voice, CONTROLLING YOUR HIDDEN EMOTIONS brings you real-life stories (even Shannon’s) of how lives bloomed productively, cheerfully, even romantically, simply by making friends with and giving necessary directions to your inner self.

What you'll learn

  • Stop judging your emotions. Learn to feel what you feel.

  • Start listening to your mind, body, and spirit. You already know the answers.

  • Learn how emotions can sabotage peace and balance.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff—life’s too short, so start communicating directly.

  • Use these tools to change your status quo.

  • Spirituality can make you feel great—today and tomorrow.

It’s really mind-boggling when you look inside yourself, identify the stress and anxiety, and firmly push it out your door. Imagine saying goodbye to the negative you by embracing your spiritual self. Bet you’re smiling already.

Let’s get going—inner peace is waiting for the new you.

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Bird hadn't heard

A story about friendship and working together to overcome tricky circumstances.

“We’ve landed in the sea,” Bird cried.
“I didn’t plan to have a swim.”
“I’m sopping wet and tired,” Kite sighed.
“What a sorry state we’re in.”

Bird hadn’t heard.

“At least the rain has stopped,” Bird said,
Perching on Kite’s wooden frame.
He shook the water off his head.
“I wish I could hear what you’re saying.”

Written lyrically with vibrant, colourful illustrations, Bird Hadn’t Heard is a story about the challenges of a bird who hadn’t heard for some weeks, a kite who lost his sight, and a seal who can’t feel and their newfound friendship and journey to the magic starfish, who after receiving creative gifts from each of them, gives them back their senses.
A story about the power of believing that anything is possible when you ask your friends for help and work together to figure it out.

(Under my Pen Name Sierra Hamilton)

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