Helping you make peace with your story

How we think about our past directly influences how we feel about our present.  When I changed my story about my past, I created a different relationship with it and my life got a whole lot happier!

it all began when...

When I was 9 my family moved from New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina! What a paradigm shift so early in life! It was the best two years of my childhood. But returning to the states bi-lingual, with a totally different perspective than most kids my age, I certainly didn’t fit in. Sadly my parents separated at that time and my emotional roller coaster of life began. 

Fast forward, married to a lovely British man and living in the UK, on the surface I seemed to have it all; a good husband, wonderful sons, a fab house, close friends, yet inside myself I felt frustrated, sad, and alone.

How my journey led to learning Shamanic energy medicine.

I was a smart, educated woman, I couldn’t understand why I was waking up each day with a pit of despair in my guts. I knew there must be more to life than feeling like that, so I took action. 

I began studying Clinical Transactional Analysis which radically shifted my thinking and then shifted to Organisational T.A. which led to a career in corporate training.  From there I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and then Hypnotherapy. Meanwhile I was also attending classes in Psychic Development and Self Development.  I moved into Transpersonal Psychology when I attended my first talk about Incan Shamanism which answered all of the unasked questions in my life and put me on my true path.  I attended Shaman School with The Four Winds led by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and returned to Peru meeting more future Peruvian shaman masters and teachers.  During my second ayahuasca ceremony in the jungle I was enlightened to learn Theta Healing with Vianna Stibal and became one of the first four teachers of it in the UK. Since then I have attended countless workshops, courses, retreats and programmes that all fall under the umbrella of what I teach to further my own knowledge.  I started taking my own groups to Peru in 2009.

which is why now i help....

I figured if I could change my relationship with my past, I could help other amazing women  who still felt trapped in unhealthy patterns of behaviour, despite all of their life experience, wisdom and knowledge.  So I gathered the best bits of everything I’d learned and started my private practice. Naturally that evolved into so much more, and life keeps getting better and better. And so can yours…

My philosophy

Speaking my truth.  

Forgiving others.

Accepting others.

Loving myself.

Meditating daily.

Movement as medicine.

Pursuing passion.

Appreciating contrast.

Taking responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions.

My life is inspired by:

01. family

02. helping people

03. Travel

04. Joy

if this is your vibe too, let's connect!

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Helping you make peace with your story

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