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It’s All About Our Vibe, Man!

It’s about our vibration. We think that we’re out there creating and manifesting and doing all of the spiritual work, we’re calling in all of the affirmations that we say,...

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Surrender Your Resistance

I’ve always really disliked the words, surrendering and sacrifice because they sound so negative, as if I’m giving up my power or I’m going to become weak by surrendering. But...

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Hibernation for Restoration

Have you ever wanted to quit social media?  Maybe you have already taken time out from connecting with the world on a daily basis. In one meme I saw a...

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Relationship Reset

In long term relationships, arguing and having disagreements doesn’t mean that your relationship is falling apart.  It just means that you have a few things to work out.  And the...

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Goal Trauma

This exchange came from a FB Live I participated in with my soul sister Helen Orombi (Dr. H) who is an amazing business coach and took me through an EFT...

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Transformational Travel in Peru!

Do you feel disconnected from your higher source, your higher knowing, source energy, or feel like you’re not as connected to the Mother Earth as you’d like to be, or...

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Humanity – Kindness is the Key

I was thinking about humanity and how I’ve always believed in the greater good of humanity.  I decided to look it up.  It said, “Humanity – the state of being...

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Whose Dream Are You Living?

When I was six, my parents first brought us to England.  I was sitting in one of those black taxi cabs in the pull down Cinderella seat, in my cute...

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