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Humanity – Kindness is the Key

I was thinking about humanity and how I’ve always believed in the greater good of humanity.  I decided to look it up.  It said, “Humanity – the state of being...

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Whose Dream Are You Living?

When I was six, my parents first brought us to England.  I was sitting in one of those black taxi cabs in the pull down Cinderella seat, in my cute...

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Learn To Love Yourself Completely

People talk about self love, and maybe even practice it on a daily basis. “I love myself, I nurture myself. I have positive loving thoughts…” but self love goes much...

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Open the Doors to Possibility

Nelson Mandela said, “One cannot be prepared for something while secretly believing it won’t happen.” This statement alone is what keeps so many people trapped in their own small bubbles...

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Letting Go and Inviting In

The full moon was yesterday, shining gloriously in between dark relentless rain clouds. Full moons are a time of completion. When I have a full moon fire ceremony everyone brings...

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