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From Fear Into Love Returns!

I’m really excited to announce the launch of From Fear Into Love – my signature course – again!  Having just been on a call with my alumni who’ve come through...

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Transformational Travel

Do you feel disconnected from your higher source, your higher knowing, source energy, or feel like you’re not as connected to the Mother Earth as you’d like to be, or...

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Yearning to Self Actualise?

We’re all strong, powerful, capable women. But when we’re yearning to self actualise what holds us back are our core limiting beliefs.  They prevent us from manifesting what we most...

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Need A Healing Session?

Are you feeling sluggish, overwhelmed, or out of balance? Maybe you’re feeling stuck or like you have no motivation despite the beautiful summer weather at the moment?  Your energy could...

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Chunk Down Overwhelm

You know when you’ve got so much to do, you don’t do anything? Lots of women that I speak with are in a place of overwhelm and it’s kind of...

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The Labyrinth of Life

A year ago in March, I went to a beautiful medicine circle with a lovely local community. A woman came with an amazing labyrinth painted on a big piece of...

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Who You Are Is NOT What You DO

Women tend to take our skills, capacities and performance (or lack thereof) – any mistake we make, personally, and we make it about our value and our self worth.  We...

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Women Being Seen And Heard

The reason why I started my new public Facebook group Women Being Seen And Heard is because most of the women I’ve ever spoken to in my life at some...

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Independence Day or Codependence?

Happy recent Independence Day. In honour of Independence, I made live the new public Facebook group called Women Being Seen And Heard. Globally, men and women also, underestimate the potential...

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Invisibility is NOT A Superpower!

Invisibility is not a superpower. I know it’s fun to fantasise, “if I could have any superpower, what would it be?” Well, mine definitely wouldn’t be invisibility – been there...

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