Go Play In The Traffic!

Outrageously my father used to tell my sister and me this on a regular basis! But, as we lived on a dead end street with a huge green park across from us, we always knew he was just being funny. But it occurs to me now that he was constantly “playing in the traffic,” commuting into New York City daily, dodging bullets in the 80’s and creating some well known global ad campaigns with the Mad Men of the day. He always has, and still does consider his work, play. He found his passion, knows his purpose and loves what he does.

But what if you are one of the many who have not found a way to earn from their passion, or don’t know your purpose? What if you are constantly chasing your tail and living hand to mouth every month and feel like you’re on a treadmill? Then all the daily traffic in your life may actually create too much noise, stimulation, drama and you’re desperately searching for the wide open space of nature and solitude. Getting away from the daily traffic in your life is essential. Your daily traffic may just be an overwhelming amount of emails promising you the newest best way to do something. Or it could be physical actual traffic whizzing by your door.

Maybe it’s the layout of your office – I know open plan offices don’t work for me because of too many distractions. Maybe the traffic in your life is generated by your kids, partner or friends all needing a little piece of you. Or the constant endless meetings at work! Unfortunately, even sitting still alone in a room we can create our own traffic in our thoughts. Overthinking every little thing, making meaning out of things that we don’t actually know the truth about. Negative self talk – all traffic.

I resisted meditating for years, not understanding the profound difference stilling my mind for 5 minutes every day could possibly have on me and my life! Five minutes soon turned into ten, which turned into twenty and now usually is around 30 minutes of going within. I’ve heard people say, “Ive tried that. It doesn’t work.” Like anything, meditation is a skillset and it takes practice.

In From Fear Into Love, my 12 week online class I teach you a simple grounding meditation that connects you to Source energy and once you’re there, you will want to stay in that space! What small change can you make in your life today to calm down some of the “traffic” in your life? I’d love to have a chat with you to help you find your way to clarity and smooth roads ahead. Book a free call:https://bit.ly/SOMindshift

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