Hibernation for Restoration

Have you ever wanted to quit social media?  Maybe you have already taken time out from connecting with the world on a daily basis.

In one meme I saw a photo of a log cabin with the question: “Would you live here for one month, no wifi, no phones, no internet – just food, water, firewood, the last day you walk out with $100,000.”

So many people were ready to pack their bags.  I think many people would PAY for the privilege of that kind of sacred solitude.

Bears go into a sleep state called torpor which helps conserve their energy and minimise exposure to the winter elements. Most of us know it as hibernation.

The constant barrage of social media can be overwhelming, like a blizzard to our senses.  

With anything, if you have too much of it, it doesn’t feel good.  Our bodies, energy and emotions need time to recharge and heal.  

This is why meditation is so helpful because it can give you that feeling of being held in a space of just BEING.  Not having to DO anything, not having to respond to anything or react in any way.

Our world is so filled with constant action and connection even if it’s just “liking” someone’s post.  We are constantly being stimulated and imagine what that is doing to our nervous systems?

I worked extra hard so that I could “take 3 weeks off” for my son’s wedding in Sri Lanka, which meant not opening my laptop. I was still checking emails on my phone however. 

It was heavenly to predominantly disconnect from the rest of the world so that I could be present with my loved ones and revel in their celebrations.

Then I came home and had to face the inevitable opening of my laptop…HOURS later I had gone through all the emails with attention and felt overwhelmed and stressed.

We take the holiday to recharge, but then we come right back into the middle of all of it when we return home. 

My time in Sri Lanka was not exactly relaxing despite the clear turquoise warm sea and sunshine.  Weddings are big emotional events and it was fantastic to connect with so many people I haven’t seen in years, but every day was full and people packed.

I came home with a case of shingles! I managed to get the spots to disappear fairly soon, (thank you colloidal silver), but was left with a shell of my former energy.  

You may have noticed I have not been doing Facebook Lives this past month, I simply haven’t had any reserve of energy.  I’ve struggled with that, wanting to spring into action along with the season, but my body has simply said no.

But once I finally surrendered to my lack of energy and simply allowed myself to be in the state that I am, I immediately felt lighter.  

I’ve been unsubscribing from things to reduce the emails coming in. I’ve been logging in, less. The world keeps turning even if you are not online. It feels good.

This perhaps spurred my desire to work with people in person more, coming full circle.  I’m looking for a situation in London so I can return there once a month to see clients.  

And if you’re anywhere near Ilkley in West Yorkshire, I encourage you to book a one to one in person session, which are powerful, will balance your energy, and shift your perspective. 

Almost everyone needs regular energy work to stay in alignment, especially in this technological landscape which we live. I’m gradually building my energy back up, grateful that it is Spring, so I can walk by the river and in the woods, restoring through nature.

If you’ve never had energy work before I highly recommend giving it a go! 

I am available, online or not, you can book here: https://bit.ly/SOMindshift

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