Transformational Travel in Peru!

Do you feel disconnected from your higher source, your higher knowing, source energy, or feel like you’re not as connected to the Mother Earth as you’d like to be, or feel like you’re never grounded? 

Maybe you’re a little bit nervous to travel by yourself or you don’t have the right people to travel with, or you’re not sure about going to a foreign country because of the language difference? 

Perhaps you’re feeling challenged in some other area of your life and you want to discover some part of you that is more meaningful. You want to discover something deeper about yourself, a secret to yourself that you don’t know the answer to yet but you can feel it lurking somewhere in your psyche. 

Maybe you’ve always been interested in discovering beautiful, sacred, lovely Peru? 

Well, I’m inviting you to come with me September 20th – October 4th, 2024. 

I’m going to be taking another group with me to my beautiful spiritual home, Peru, and we’ll be having a wonderful pilgrimage.

We start our trip in Cusco in the Sacred Valley, and visit all of the main sites that you’d want to see like Machu Picchu, and Ollantaytambo. We’ll go to Pisac, and you’ll have an experience to meet the local people and work with authentic Peruvian shamans in ceremony pretty much every day. 

This is not your average tourist trip. You can buy a guide book for that and read all about it if that’s what you’re interested in. We are not going to museums and hearing all the stuff that you normally hear on a touristic trip, however you will have a free day to do what calls you.

I’m not cracking the whip the whole time on the trip, so that you have free time to explore when we’re not travelling and working together as a group. 

This is a healing, learning, teaching, coaching trip of deep inner work and life transformation. Travel with a twist!

I keep the group small, no more than 12 people and you’ll make friends that you’ll keep for life. 

You’ll learn so much about yourselves and your lives will shift in ways that you cannot imagine yet. 

In fact, two of my passengers from the past now live in Peru. Other passengers lives have transformed in magical ways since travelling there with me.

You often see people standing there with their heads tilted looking up at the mountains wondering ‘what is going on here?’ because people feel the mountain spirits that are alive.

You learn about the Incan tradition, you meet the Q’uero people and we work with wonderful authentic shamans. Plus you experience the food and all of the magic that Peru has to offer.

There is so much to experience, so I’m planting seeds now so that you have a year to prepare. I’ll be taking deposits in the spring and it will be wonderful to have you travel with me. 

Now the main trip that I offer covers the Sacred Valley and that’ll be about 10 days. Then I’m offering a more advanced trip – the pilgrimage from Lake Titicaca to Ausangate, which is one of the sacred mountains, where you’ll work directly with the Q’uero shamans and dive deeper into more connective work with our beautiful Pachamama. 

If you’re a healer yourself, if you work with energy or study shamanism, you can have a more profound experience of your practice and climb one of the beautiful mountains having an experience of camping at altitude. It’s something to be experienced, let me tell you!  You’ll find out what you’re made of!

I’m really excited to finally be offering these trips again. 

Meanwhile, if you’re local, I live in Ilkley in West Yorkshire England and I’d love to invite you for shamanic healing. If you feel that your energy is out of balance or things just aren’t quite flowing you could benefit from a healing session.

Maybe you need your chakras balanced. Maybe the spirit of somebody who has died has zipped into you? It might sound strange, but it’s not really that uncommon. 

Perhaps you have physical problems in your body? There could be some crystallised energies in there that need pulling out. Maybe it’s soul retrieval that you need because you haven’t made peace with something that’s happened in your life. 

There are all sorts of different ways that we can help your energy flow more efficiently so that your life can be in better alignment and function more easily. 

I’m really looking forward to offering in person shamanic healing sessions once again. I can do all of this over Zoom too, but energy work is so much better in person. It’s wonderful when you lay on my table and are transported into that other world where you’re held in sacred space and you have a tangible experience of feeling your energy move, shift, and change. 

So if Peru interests you and you want to travel with me and my wonderful team down there, I’d love to hear from you. Private message me. And if your energy needs some attention, book a free call.

Also, be sure to join the Women Being Seen and Heard Facebook group. Please introduce yourselves in the group and send me a private message.

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