Retrospect Can Bring Great Confirmation

I had my astrology chart done again today, which was absolutely fascinating, as it always is! I find it really interesting to work with different astrologers because each one brings something different to the table. 

Whether or not you believe in astrology, I don’t know that that matters, but it’s worth the experience as every time it gives me some confirmation.

I certainly feel energetic shifts and it’s really interesting to hear what was happening with the planets at a certain time and how it kind of lines up with my actual experience which is really cool. 

I know I’m always talking about focussing on the things that bring you joy, and I do uphold that philosophy. However, because we have all had challenging experiences in our lives, whether it was a toxic relationship or a tough circumstance. Maybe even a whole difficult year all together!  Whatever the drama, trauma, contrast, difficulty or resistance was, we’ve come through the other side of that. 

So when you stop for a moment and look back at that time, from your healed state, and what you went through, you can reflect how that experience helped you evolve as a person.

Ask yourself: What paradigms in my life have changed as a result of that situation? 

What are the good parts that came out of that? 

What did I learn? 

What did I heal? 

How do I look at the world differently now because of having had that experience?

The universe sends us stuff that we’re supposed to be able to deal with and cope with, even if it’s hard. And if you are healing and coming out the other side? Well, you’ve dealt with it. 

But the idea is that we learn from all of our experiences and get the the joy of evolution from learning so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes, and so that we’re not in such a place of resistance when we’re met with similar challenges in the future. 

Because our perspective in the future is in a different place. When you’re in the current perspective of where you are right now, it’s very hard to imagine seeing something with a different viewpoint when you’re not in that space yet.

But when you reflect back on your life about where you were in your thinking then and how you see things now because of that tough experience that you went through – that same experience  that you wondered, “how am I ever going to get through this? This is the worst thing that’s ever happening.”

Yet, here you are looking back on it in the past. “Yeah, I did get through that. And wow, I’m a whole lot stronger for that now. And now my relationship with A, B, C, D, has changed and everything impacts me in a different way!”

So it’s a great exercise to go back. You don’t have to wallow there.

Go back from your healed state. Get in an empowered, resourceful state of mind first. So that you’re feeling strong and you’re in your most resourceful healed state.

Then go back and revisit that time that was so challenging and look at all of the things that you learned about yourself. 

I was in a very toxic relationship, he was very wealthy and changed my whole relationship with money. Because I was living in that high abundant lifestyle, my idea of what was expensive and what wasn’t changed radically. That’s never gone back because I upped my game financially and my relationship with abundance changed.

My relationship with my father changed too because of that same toxic relationship because I could see a pattern in the behaviour dynamic and I thought, wow, now I’m in something similar to my Dad that I couldn’t understand before. It gave me a new perspective so I was able to heal so much.

It’s fascinating when you look back so you can gain insight on yourself to see where you are now as compared to where you were then. 

I encourage you to look back at the repeating patterns in your life. If you’re still feeling resistance about something that’s similar to where you were in the past, that’s a real gift too, because that’s letting you know that there’s an unhealed part that still needs to be addressed. 

Otherwise, it’s just going to keep repeating, you want to be clear of those past patterns. You want to be in a clear, aligned, space free from that resistance, free from the drama and conflict so that you can simply look at things and think, “Yeah, that was a tough time. And now look where I am.” 

In my class From Fear Into Love, which starts April 9th, we look back at a lot of past stuff because all of our wounding starts when we’re in childhood, sometimes in utero, sometimes past life stuff, but we always start with this life and work our way back. 

It’s absolutely fascinating. We unpick a lot of the subconscious, limiting beliefs that are holding you back that you’re not aware of now because of your current perspective. 

It’s really cool to have a new perspective to open your eyes in a new way and see yourself in a way that you’ve never seen yourself before so that you can evolve and grow into the highest and best potential of yourself. 

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