Humanity – Kindness is the Key

I was thinking about humanity and how I’ve always believed in the greater good of humanity.  I decided to look it up.  It said, “Humanity – the state of being human. Our differences matter but our common humanity matters more.”

Many people focus on our differences and what’s wrong about people and are filled with judgment.  So I got to thinking about what if we changed the the general feeling of humanity?

Everybody knows how good it feels by doing a good deed for someone else. When someone is kind to you, it also feels amazing. 

Kindness is one of our greatest human characteristics. 

It is a beautiful thing for all of us to share, yet in this world, many people are on phones and looking down. As a result we’re missing so much of what’s going on around us. 

As a little experiment how would it be if every day for a month, you decided to do a good deed for somebody, a random stranger? 

It doesn’t have to be a massive life changing good deed. It could be letting a car in front of you when driving or letting somebody go in the grocery queue ahead of you. Or helping a little old lady cross the street. Or buying someone a cup of coffee.

From the smallest thing to the biggest thing, when we help others everyone has a little moment of feeling like people are kind.

If more people had more moments of feeling like that, we would raise the vibration of the planet!  One kind act at a time.

I was speaking to a friend last night about good deeds and moments that we’ve had when we’ve simply helped out random strangers and how they felt so blessed, held and maybe even taken care of and loved. 

To bestow kindness on another person makes us feel wonderful. It’s win-win and it’s very simple. 

So for the next 30 days see how you get on by doing a good deed for somebody. Feeling kind, and being kind feeds into our gratitude for everything out there that we’re grateful for. 

It will lift your spirit, help lift the spirits of those around you and everyone feels better. 

So why not practice your lovely humanity because there’s enough differences and all of us, instead of focusing on everything that’s wrong and terrible, why don’t we start to focus on what’s right, lovely, and what’s so easy to share? 

A bit of kindness, a bit of love, spread out each day. 

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You’ll never think the same way about anything again and it will enhance your life on every kind of level.

Keep a journal of your good deeds, I’d love to hear your experiences.

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