What Kind Of Energy Have Your Ancestors Passed Down To You?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that we could be holding up to seven generations of cellular memory. 

If any of your ancestors, your grandfathers, great grandfathers,  were in a prisoner of war camp, their suffering could skip a generation and then zip into the grandchildren. 

Because even though they were suffering, they weren’t in “suffering mode.” They were in survival mode. 

I’ve had many clients who don’t understand why they’re suffering so much in their life, because they’ve taken on the suffering for their grandparents. This has actually been proven. 

I’ve had clients who’ve come to me and said that they felt like they were an alcoholic when they haven’t touched a drop of alcohol their whole life, and their parents haven’t either. 

Naturally I’ve asked, “Who in your family has been an alcoholic?” And sure enough, one of their grandparents were.

I’ve had clients feeling like they’ve murdered somebody, I asked the question, “have you murdered somebody?” No. “Do you want to murder someone? Are you watching horrific shows? What’s feeding your subconscious about feeling like a murderer? Have your parents murdered anybody?” No, no, no. “Who did murder someone then?” 

Oh, well, grandfather or great grandfather fought front line in the war. Embedded trauma passed down the family line. 

People wonder why was everything in past lives so traumatic? 

All the good stuff happened too, but we don’t need to change that, because that hasn’t impacted us as much. But when you’re traumatized, your cells contract. Everything contracts, and so it leaves an imprint, like etching in a glass, in the different layers of your auric field. 

The shamans believe that in the different layers of your energetic field, that unfinished business or trauma, remains and why if you can clean up your energy field, you can literally change the way that you’re going to live, change the way that you die, change all sorts of things, just by clearing out all of those etchings or traumas in your energy field of anything that’s ever happened. 

What do past lives have to do with birth trauma? Well, how do you think we learn prejudice? That comes from old. The fear of God isn’t generally from our parents, that’s from our ancestors, because that’s how it was in the olden days. 

People didn’t trust outsiders coming in, and so a lot of these memories that we take on, aren’t even ours. 

Most of us are holding the mantle to some level or another for our parents, but what are you holding for the rest of your family too?

Family curses also reside under the ancestral umbrella. I know you think it sounds crazy, but these things exist, and you can follow your ancestral line up.

You can go up your mother’s line, or you can go up your father’s line and heal a lot of trauma in your ancestral line. 

It’s quite fascinating when you do go back and track a line and see what kind of information you receive. 

Your birth trauma or birth challenges aren’t just to do with this lifetime. This is the bridge, especially when you’re in utero, for you and your ancestral line. 

So if you believe that you’ve had some heavy duty energy in your past ancestral line, then maybe you want to learn to clean that up?

Book a free call with me. I’d really love to discuss this with you. It’s absolutely fascinating and there’s nothing like a whole new layer of clarity to explain things you’ve never even thought to ask about!

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