Goal Trauma

This exchange came from a FB Live I participated in with my soul sister Helen Orombi (Dr. H) who is an amazing business coach and took me through an EFT tapping process on Goal Trauma.

Very interesting.  The live is 30 minutes if you want to watch the whole thing.

This came from the end of our session.

I thought you all should know! 

“S: One of the decisions – action taking decisions I’ve made lately is to return to London. 

I know it’s three hours from here by train, but London is the biggest melting pot in the world. I even used to have opportunities come to me on the train because of people I’d meet and speak to. 

So I’m returning to London. I’m just setting that in motion now. I suppose this is going public.

Dr.H: Yes, this is going public. So if you’re in London, Shannon is your lady.

S: I don’t have a space to work yet in London, but that will come to me. So I’m going to return to London once a month to see people in person, one to one. I’m a hands on healer. I’m lucky to work online and I can help people a lot but I really prefer to sit in somebody’s energy and connect with them. 

And I like to be out and about in the world. Meeting people, connecting, having new adventures!

Dr.H: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So you’re going back to your roots.

S: Yes, like going full circle. Great. Okay, business, online business. Yes, I’ve created a lot. I’m really proud of all of it. You know, it hasn’t been for nothing. It’s helped me develop personally, much more than I could have ever imagined. While helping others do the same in the process!

But the pandemic is over. So let’s get back out there in the world. I want to work and connect with people in person and create more opportunities for other people. In various ways. Not only coaching, but also educating people about Lifewave stem cell regenerating patches and taking 5 couples to Peru in September with me, working towards being that global philanthropist. 

Dr. H: You know, yeah, as you talk, I sense more excitement about that bit, I haven’t met you in person, but I believe in who you are as a person. Online, you’re magic. So I can’t imagine what you’d be like in person. And I hear that energy in your voice. You talk about that.

S: You know, I was working with another one of our colleagues and I don’t know about you, but she said even when I had you laid out on my table with my stones and I was using my rattles that she couldn’t hear the rattles. People don’t feed that back to me. So all of the Sensurround experience you get working with me in person, you don’t get all of that online. Even if you can see what’s going on. In person, most people aren’t watching. They’re just in it. 

It is a whole different experience. I mean, energy is energy. So it’s great that I can work online because I have a global audience that I didn’t have before. So yay. 

But when in your business and your work, does it become all about what you need to do for others and not about what fuels your soul? 

Even if under the umbrella of what I do is serving to fulfill some of my passion by helping others, I’m on the path of service but chunking down to find what actually is it about what I do that I love? 

And for me, it’s not the online part. 

Dr. H: Yeah. I love that. Because as a business coach, My motto is you build a business as an expression of who you are and your soul’s purpose. What lights you up, it’s not about what the market requires. But it has to come from who you are.

S: I think I have built an online business based on who I am. But when you have an online business it also requires different things from you. I had to learn how to work with energy online. I had to learn how to teach online and teaching on Zoom is a very different process. Working in person live, when you’re in everybody’s energy is just a whole different thing. And so it’s been great. I’ve learned an awful lot. 

But yes, it dawned on me recently. I think being at my son’s wedding with everybody there for love, for the right reasons. And I thought connectivity, man, it is. That is my way forward. Not putting a judgement on it for anybody else who loves to work online. 

That’s great for you, but now I know from experience if I could work in person with people, I would much more prefer that.

Then set up travelling so that I can travel and see clients live during my travels, so I could do everything I want to do and if you want to work with me in person, then I’ll be in this place on this date.

Dr. H: No, I love that. I love that. I love your clarity.”

If you have any money barriers that are holding you back, work with Helen. She redefines your “Money Story”.

I’d be so appreciative if you or anyone you know in London is available or willing to host me staying there 3 -4 nights one week per month, (I will be out most of the time) that would be great to please contact me or put me in touch.

Equally if anyone has or knows of a space to work with a massage table please let me know.

And finally, if you want to book an in person appointment in London, or come with your partner for a couples session then please book a call.

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