Are you sabotaging your happiness by taking things personally and projecting that onto others?

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Are you sabotaging your happiness by taking things personally and projecting that onto others? In this digital age that we live, it’s taken away a core form of communication, we don’t hear each other’s voices or tones – we text. But then when someone doesn’t text back we invent a whole story in our heads about WHY, and that’s taking it personally. In most cases whatever the reason that person did not get back to you, has nothing to do with you. So now you’ve created this drama in your head and it’s spiralling your energy down, and you’re mad and so now you are reacting to that and then projecting that anger onto the other person who is innocently living their life, having happy thoughts, doing their thing, while you are deciding how unjust and horrible they are! Wow. You stay angry for days when all it would take is one phone call to get all the facts. I encourage you to notice whenever you are having negative thoughts to stop and go within and figure out WHY. People are generally not mean hearted, your friends and loved ones would not intentionally ignore you so why are you inventing that in your head? How would it be if you just saw the absolute best in everyone? If you just relaxed and accepted that life happens. If you are spiraling down you need to go within and look at the wounding underneath this. WHY would you naturally think the worst of someone, are you not secure enough? Have you not been seen, heard, held enough? Do you not trust people? There are a multitude of possible reasons why you would choose negative thinking over positive thinking. I want to help you address that, heal it, get your mind set in a positive upward spiral so you can stop sabotaging yourself and wasting your energy on creating drama in your head over nothing! If you can master that, your whole life will look different! PM me. Join my free Facebook Group The Spiritually Conscious Communicator for tips and strategies to stay in total alignment, rediscover your purpose and passion and live your authentic truth. Click Here to Join:


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