Are you still punishing yourself by feeling guilty for mistakes you made in the past? As humans we make mistakes so that we can learn from them. They serve a purpose. They can be habitual mistakes which are really easy to re-program or they can be the result of poor choices which are probably due to limiting beliefs about how much you value yourself or others. It doesn’t matter what the mistake was, because it’s already happened. What matters is what you do with that. Do you learn from it? Do you own it, make amends and dive within to see what needs healing? I can help you release your guilt, find your truth, forgive yourself and let go of the past! Guilt keeps us in the lack mentality because it keeps us in the absence of joy. PM me if you are finally ready to change your life and start manifesting your truth. Join my free Facebook Group The Devoted Healer for tips and strategies to stay in total alignment, reach your potential and live your authentic truth Click Here to Join: