Do you call yourself a healer but are still looking for answers outside of yourself?

Are you afraid to speak your truth for fear of being judged by your family or friends?

Are you still carrying the wounds of your childhood and projecting them onto your current life?

Do you still take everything personally?

If you can relate to any of the above then this is for YOU.

My goal is to help healers who are committed to devoting the time and effort to heal themselves so they can more profoundly impact their clients’ shift.

Everyone needs a mentor who can hold you accountable.  Ideally you want to work with someone who’s been there and already healed the roots of her wounding, who is committed to continually evolving and helping others find their highest truth.

  • Identify, discover and heal the roots of your limiting beliefs
  • Completely change your relationship with money so that you can live in Abundance every day
  • Feel in command and control of your emotions on a daily basis
  • Have clarity of thought and energetic alignment
  • Live with peace and balance, free from being triggered.
  • Allow your authentic self to shine, free from judgement and fear
  • Have easy, useful tools for the rest of your life to help you and your clients shift
  • Have access to spiritual coaching and mentoring
  • Feel completely connected to your highest self and the beautiful Pachamama (Mother Earth)

“I am seeing, addressing, and actively HEALING my shadows. It’s an amazing “WOW” process, and we are only half way through the From Fear Into Love course!!”  – Jennifer Mulligan

Coaching Options

'From Fear Into Love' Course

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‘From Fear Into Love’ is a profound twelve week online course that will help you identify and release the deepest roots of your limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life. You’ll learn tools for life to help yourself and your clients shift.  Upon graduation you’ll also be entered into an Alumni group with monthly free coaching calls.

Healing Bundle

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Healing Bundles are three 2 hour healing sessions with me in person or over Zoom (Skype – FB Messenger).  Because it takes us a lifetime to develop our attachments to our beliefs, there is a lot of clearing up that needs to happen. You commit to three sessions so you have time to integrate the healing between each session and allow the next level of blocks to surface so I can more profoundly help you shift.

The difference between the coaching options:

The healing bundles help you shift out of a stuck pattern that you may not be able to see, or have a soul retrieval or an entity removal depending on what is ailing you.

When you learn to heal yourself however, like in ‘From Fear Into Love’, it is much more profound because as we grow and evolve we can continually heal the challenges that arise.  If you are a healer wanting to help others it is wise to learn how to clear your own limiting beliefs and know how to keep your energy body in alignment and flow.

Book a FREE ‘breakthrough’ discovery call to see if you qualify for my 12 week online course called ‘From Fear Into Love’ or if having some healing sessions with me would suit you better.