Can you remember walking into a room for some reason and thinking, “What on earth did I come in here for?”

Can it be attributed to menopause or old age? Possibly, they could be factors, but for the majority of times it’s because your mind is in so many different places.

Look at all of the books that have been written about the power of now, the time is now be in the present, right? That’s because we’ve got so much distraction going on in our heads.

We learn how to be fragmented, which is why meditating is such a good tool because it helps us calm down, get quiet and still our brains on a day to day basis.

A simple place to start is by grounding yourself daily. For years, other therapists used to ask me, “Do you ground yourself?” And I’d say, “Oh, well, yes… Sometimes?”

BEEP!  Wrong answer!!  The correct answer is yes.

I didn’t believe “grounding” was really a thing!  I preferred to be flying around on my broomstick much more, it was so exciting to be out of my body.

Later I learned that so many people don’t actually fully incarnate into their body. And if you’re not fully in your body, how can you fully be connected to the earth?

How can you be committed to this human experience? And so when I moved to Spain, and was under the sun, I thought, “Well, why don’t I actually give this grounding thing a try?”

My life seemed like a giant storm back then and I would see all of these huge trees unearthed so the sending giant roots down into the earth didn’t cut it with me.

Over time I developed this grounding meditation and now it is a daily practice. Adopt it as your own and integrate it into your daily life and see how much easier your life flows and how much less you walk into walls or wonder why you’ve entered a room!

With your feet firmly planted on the floor or outside on the earth and your face towards the sun:

Visualise your beautiful life line of energy, a shimmering silver and gold woven cord shooting down from your navel into the very centre of our beautiful mother earth.

Wrap it around and around the hot, red lava centre of the pachamama and then bring all that gorgeous earth energy right up through your feet and up through your central chakra system (the very central core of your body, like a long narrow tunnel) and shoot it out the top of your head way, way up into the centre of the golden sun.

Wrap it around and around the centre of the white gold sun and then bring all that glorious light energy back down towards the top of your head.

As you bring that energy back into your crown chakra, imagine a ghost body of yourself on that cord coming down into your physical body until you can feel your head click into your head, your shoulders into your shoulders, hips into your hips, knees into your knees and your feet firmly into your feet.

Then imagine your feet going into the earth (mine go into a jewelled beach), however, so you are not too heavily weighed down on the earth, imagine your energy sweeps up to your heart chakra so you are available energetically and lifted in a place of love to meet the day.

I do this by imagining a warm gentle turquoise wave that comes in and washes all my energy up to my heart. Then you are connected to heaven and earth, fully in your body, feet firmly planted in the ground, yet energetically available and coming from a place of love.

Disconnect by rubbing palms back and forth together infront of your heart chakra then turn your outside hand’s palm pushing out and your inside hand’s palm into your heart, then as if zipping up a coat from your root chakra all the way up to your nose, zip up and throw away the key.

If you are an energy worker, healer or therapist of any kind, it is really a great idea to ground yourself fully after every client. If you’re prone to leaving your body at night or astral travelling, ground yourself before bed and set your intention to stay there so you can sleep peacefully and not be exhausted when you wake up!

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