Mirror Mirror On The Wall Why Are You So Annoying?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Why are You So Annoying? What we see when we look in the mirror is one thing. What people project onto us and then mirror back to us is another thing! Here are a few ways to practice staying on an even keel when someone is mirroring something back to you that is triggering your stuff! This is not the underlying belief clearing work that really needs to happen so you’re NOT triggered in the first place, this is just a few tips to help you practice noticing, and ways to embrace it. If you want to do the deep work of clearing the root beliefs so you’re NOT constantly triggered, Join my free Face Book Group Releasing The Wounded Healer so you can see if we resonate.

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About the Author Shannon O'Flaherty

Shannon O'Flaherty is a shamanic spiritual mentor and educator. She helps healers who are devoted to making a difference in the world discover and release the last illusive limiting beliefs that are causing them self-doubt and fear. Her mission is to help as many people as possible, so together they can raise the consciousness and vibration of the planet. Her dream is to build an orphanage/education centre in Peru.