Keep your dreams alive! The Corona Virus is not going to ostracize travelling forever!

Travel to the womb of our beautiful Pachamama (Mother Earth) where you will experience the bliss of Oneness as you evolve your mental, physical and spiritual self.

Breathe in the transformational energies that are released from the Mother Earth’s sacral chakra located in Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the Incas.

Through the power of elemental partnerships you will begin to embody the duality of masculine and feminine energy that is the heartbeat of this retreat.

This transformational journey into alignment of both your life and relationships will have a profound effect on your ability to govern your emotions, enhance your creativity and evolve into balance to enjoy your life to the fullest.

In this 14 day journey you will uncover the stories that are hidden in your subconscious through group healings, sacred ceremonies, ancient shamanic rituals and introspective reflection. You’ll integrate all of your new awareness and energy in a stunningly beautiful environment alive with rich culture, pure mountain energy, while working with authentic Peruvian shamans.

40% of your trip proceeds go towards supporting charities who fund and build kitchens and gardens for schools in high mountain communities so children can have at least one hot meal a day.

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