Retreats by Shannon O’Flaherty

2020 Trips

Discover Peru

Why book a Peruvian retreat with Shannon?

If you would like to experience a Peruvian retreat where all of your needs are catered for, so you don’t have to worry about the “where, how, when, and what’s” of foreign travel… where you’ll be held in loving space each day and start each morning with clear intentions and connection to the beautiful Mother Earth…where you’ll travel with like-minded souls and be taken off the beaten touristic path…where you’ll sit in sacred ceremony and take your consciousness and connection to Source Energy to the next level…where you’ll meet the local people and experience the wonderful culture…where you’ll work with amazing authentic Peruvian shamans…where you’ll see where 40% of your trip costs go to support the charities we work with…where your vision will expand, your senses will blossom and your love will envelope you unlike you have ever experienced before…Cusco, and the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu is stunningly beautiful with an exquisite alive energy and Lake Titicaca is magical.  Shannon has been taking small groups to Peru since 2009 and knows how to give you the best experience possible with her fantastic Peruvian colleagues.