Peru simply IS the most magical place.  I don’t know why it still continues to amaze me as it truly is like coming home, a sense of place and belonging like I have only felt well, at home!  So it begs the question where is your home?  I am not speaking literally, but rather more profoundly inside yourself.  Where is your comfort, your self nourishment, where do you belong with yourself? What is essential to your soul?

I certainly do not belong in Lima, and despite all the ecological opposition I cannot WAIT for an international airport to be built in Cusco! That would enable us to simply come here, to the ‘Cosco’, the center, and BE in the total splendor of this magnificent energy and these beautiful people.  The transition of sluggish travel detail to embraced with loving energy and emotion was immediate upon being met by our wonderful team, Carlos, Roberto and Cristian at the airport.

After introductions and gifting (already!) we were whisked off to Chinchero to soak up the wool dyeing and weaving demo and revel in the festival of The Native Virgin in front of the gorgeous old church with wall murals hundreds of years old.  There were dancers in full costume and families picnicking, music, flags, and generally fabulous displays in the welcoming atmosphere. What a treat!

We walked down to the stunning huaca (sacred power place) and had an earthing, self healing ceremony laying on the grass in the sunshine under the perfect blue sky.  I thought I might have to leave my group there as no one seemed to be moving for quite some time.

Eventually we made it to Ollantaytambo and had very welcome food and the local cerveza (beer) before arriving at our lovely hotel.  After all the travails of everyone and their bags actually getting to Lima in the first place we were all feeling somewhat sleep deprived so we all said goodnight.  I am guessing my lovely group all unpacked and went to sleep.

I sat out under the stars by the fire talking to Roberto (our wonderful shaman) and Cristian (our group photographer).  Roberto and I walked to Carlos’ brother’s bar to sample the “te macho” and solve all the problems of the world.  Of course, everything is fine now.