Walking On Eggshells Around Someone?

Hello Lovelies,                                                              September 7th 2018

Walking on Eggshells Around Someone? STOP IT NOW!! This is a no-win situation! When you are tip-toeing around someone you are working from a place of fear, giving up your power and squelching your connection to Source Energy. THEIR emotions are not your problem. We are only responsible for our own health and happiness. Join my Facebook Group Heart Centered Freedom for guidance on living your most authentic truth. Click here to Join:bit.ly/2zl2ELQ

About the Author Shannon O'Flaherty

Shannon O'Flaherty is a shamanic spiritual mentor and educator. She helps healers who are devoted to making a difference in the world discover and release the last illusive limiting beliefs that are causing them self-doubt and fear. Her mission is to help as many people as possible, so together they can raise the consciousness and vibration of the planet. Her dream is to build an orphanage/education centre in Peru.