Helping you make peace with your story

Your internal state of being is how you perceive the world and your past, present and future experiences. When you understand your childhood perceptions and how they formed, it’s much easier to change your relationship with it and learn to love yourself more than you ever thought possible! Because when you’re in full alignment with yourself, your values and your past, that beautiful energy seeps into every other slice of your life’s pie: health, career, relationships, finances, community…you name it!

Does this sound familiar?

You’re tired of the stealthy self-sabotage that keeps you stuck in your old repeating patterns, when really you know you have so much more to share with the world. 

In your search for deep personal fulfilment, you’ve probably already tried a few different approaches; donned your backpack to see what you’re made of, pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, read a lot of self-help books and yet still, you know you have so much more to yourself than meets the eye. You want to truly feel free, happy, secure, connected and confident in your ability to flow through whatever opportunities and challenges life offers up to you. I know that’s attainable through personal experience and helping my clients re-write their story, changing their relationship with their past and stepping into the best version of themselves. You can too.

How I can Help

01 coaching & Healing

Some people just need to be heard and gain a new perspective on their life experiences. When you open up your perspective, all kinds of new opportunities can flood in! In addition to conversation, I also work with your energy and neural pathways to help you release subconscious limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging you.

02 Courses

My Signature course, “From Fear Into Love” is a 12-week online self-empowerment course that provides you with tools for life. You will experience a shift in the very first week! As multi-layered and holistic beings, we must address the mind, body, and spirit. This course offers an effective blend of approaches to help you release whatever is holding you back.

03 Bespoke ceremonies

Getting married? Divorced? Yes, why not have a Divorce Ceremony, especially if kids are involved to separate with respect and appreciation for what was.  Baby naming ceremony? Did somebody die? Want to bless your land? Boat? New House? I create bespoke ceremonies so they reflect what you desire and who you are as people.


I'm Shannon O'Flaherty

As a child I was a free spirit until I got shut down around age 5.  That happens to most people, we forget why we came here to this beautiful mother earth.  Deep inside myself I knew my free spirit was lurking and I just had to find a way to let her out! My life seemed like a rollercoaster ride complete with loops! High drama around every turn, and various plummets down that made me feel like I’d never get back up again.  But I did, again and again.  Finally through much study and practice I learned to heal the root woundings, let go of the drama and shift my perspective by changing my story. And now I help people do the same.

Shannon is an astounding healer and spiritual coach

“Shannon is an astounding healer and spiritual coach. She is the healer/coach to whom healers turn when they need help. She is compassionate, intelligent, funny (!), and brilliantly insightful. Her healings go deep, and profoundly change both body, mind and spirit for the better. I have known Shannon for almost 2 decades, having met at “shaman school”. We have exchanged healings, I have taken workshops and certifications she has given, and have grown tremendously from Shannon’s expertise. She is a thorough, effective and warmhearted healer and coach, with integrity I would stake my life on. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Barbara Butcher

signature offer

From fear into love

Based on the main chakra system, each week you learn about one of the chakras, what organs it covers and the subconscious limiting beliefs associated with it.  I give you over 60 beliefs to clear for each chakra, and you learn tools to help you manage your emotions and energy in every aspect of your life.

We also cover ancestral healing, past life oaths, clearing the energy field, shamanic exercises and meditations for shifting blockages and expanding energy.  We focus a lot on subconscious abundance sabotage issues. Because our emotions also get trapped in our bodies, we’ll get your physical energy flowing better too. 

You will shift in week one!  We all have habitual patterns that hold us back.  Some people don’t even know how they sabotage their own success.  From Fear Into Love takes you on a journey of self-discovery and healing so you can access your ultimate personal sovereignty. Are you ready to dig deep?

I changed my confusion into clarity, my exhaustion into positivity and learned to love myself in the process. Wouldn’t you love to have that power? Guess what, you can!

Shannon’s viewpoint; “The reality is, we all have the ability to step away from a life of lack, changing our internal construct, and it starts with Dating Your Life.  Everyone needs a metaphorical SOS help for emotions from time to time and I wrote this book to allow my readers to learn to love themselves and their emotions once more.  I want my readers to empower themselves with the knowledge that this is the first day of the remainder of a beautiful, mindful, loving life.”

Learn how to

  • Stop living a life of lack
  • Step out of all of the things you “should” be doing
  • Let go of the internal construct created for you
  • Free yourself from the never-ending spiral of what-ifs
  • Heal your inner wounds and take responsibility for your own behaviours

Isn’t it time you learn to appreciate yourself in the same way you appreciate those you love in your life? Surrender to your highest self, trust your inner wisdom, and start dating yourself today.

core values

01. Finding the gift in every situation.

 When you can look at contrast with appreciation, your whole worldview changes.  It helps you stop taking everything so personally.

02. Speaking my truth. 

If you’re afraid of people judging you if you speak your truth, then you are not fully living your truth!  When people judge you, it is none of your business!  In fact, maybe that’s some contrast to appreciate, find some more supportive people to hang out with, who love you for ALL of who you are.

03. Expressing Gratitude.

From blessing the food I eat, to blessing the car before I drive it, appreciating people as they are, noticing all the small details and feeling joyous as a result, is because I fill each day with gratitude for the big stuff, the small stuff and everything in between.  And yes, I really FEEL it.


3 steps to achieving Self-Talk Awareness

What goes on in that brain of yours during the day?  What kind of conversations are you having with yourself?  That you’re awesome, capable, wonderful, gorgeous, talented?  Probably not. When I started noticing my self-talk it was usually self criticism in one form or another.  Or, my head was filled with worrying about scenarios that hadn’t happened yet. All of that monkey chatter takes up space and energy!  How can you love yourself fully if your subconscious mind is telling you otherwise?  This short workbook gives you the first tools for helping you achieve clarity of mind so the rest of your life can flow.

Not living your truth?

Do you find yourself repeating the same situations: different people, different places, same undesirable outcome? Do you feel like you’re simply existing and lacking passionate fulfilment on a day-to-day basis?  Or maybe you’re living hand to mouth every month and struggling financially. Your mind is filled with negative monkey chatter and you find yourself judging and criticising yourself and others, or carrying around guilt, shame, anger or fear.  All of these emotions are not your truth!  You have learned them, and the good news is that you can un-learn them and choose more empowering emotions so you can live a joyful life in flow and abundance.  It’s not just a pipe dream….it’s only a phone call away!

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Helping you make peace with your story

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