Are You Financially Okay, But Emotionally Stuck? 

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Are You Financially Okay, But Emotionally Stuck?  You can also turn it around and ask, Are You Emotionally Okay, But Financially Stuck?

Money can’t buy happiness as they say, because your divine purpose is the backbone of what you love. Aligning your emotions with your career and your work is what’s going to bring you that feeling of happiness, because happiness comes from the lifestyle that you’ve created for yourself.

There’s a disconnect, because financially you’re okay. You went out and did what you had to do, whatever your motivation was. It could have been to prove something to your parents, or a fear of not having money to pay the bills or being motivated by having lots of money.  Whatever you did, and for whatever core reason, you went out to earn money and make sure your finances were okay. You went ahead and did what you had to do and as a result you have a certain level of confidence with building that kind of financial security.

But emotionally, you’re still not happy, because you’re not fuelling your passion. So your self esteem is low, emotionally, mentally and spiritually you are out of balance with that joy that you want to create. And it weighs heavily on you and it causes internal struggle.

A lot of people who are financially okay, drown out their emotional life so they put all of their energy, all their strength and confidence into their work to create that kind of security. Yes, security is good, but then they go home and their relationship isn’t wonderful or maybe they aren’t happy about where they live or they don’t have friends or they don’t have a community because they’re not facing the underlying issues.

Putting all of your energy into your finances could be a form of escapism. Maybe you’re a workaholic, maybe you come home and then go into other types of escapism, drowning out your reality, so that you don’t have to focus on it. Maybe you drink too much or you’re just a zombie in front of the television.  If you are out of balance emotionally, your work could be providing you an escape route from your emotions.

Or maybe you’re financially okay because you’re being supported by somebody else, or you’ve inherited a lot of money, but you’re not happy because it’s not your creation. I was once in that situation. I was in a long term relationship, and he was providing all of the material security, but I was so unhappy and unfulfilled because I wasn’t being responsible and accountable for my own needs and creating my own passion, joy or fuelling my own reality.

That’s what it comes down to: alignment. Aligning your emotions with your career, work or passion to create activity that you love doing so that both your emotions and finances can work together. Because when you don’t have money, that’s what you do naturally!  You get creative. You use your love and passion to bring you that inspiration and the creation

to receive money that you want.

Look at J.K Rowling who out of desperation wrote Harry Potter!  There are so many inspiring stories like that.  I’ve seen it happen with students of mine who have been through my ‘From Fear Into Love’ course. One student in particular loved reading the Tarot. After going through my course she was inspired to start her own business. She rented a little shop on Main Street in her town and started a Tarot Card Reading business and I’ve seen it grow and flourish because she followed her bliss. She did what she loved to do, and she got rid of all the worry and doubt because she did the belief work. She went out there and presented herself to the world, vulnerable and trusting, and so much has literally flowed to her. It’s really very satisfying to witness.

I too, radically turned my entire life around by following my bliss, my truth, and getting my emotions in alignment with what I wanted to create.  I tuned in and focussed only on what I wanted instead of worrying about what I didn’t have.

It is essential to find appreciation for everything that is good in your life and also finding appreciation for the contrast. We need contrast in our lives to find out what we don’t want, and what isn’t working. That contrast lets you know that you’ve got to look at something differently, or change something slightly so that you can get very clear on what exactly it is that you want to bring in.

That’s where the inner work begins. You need clarity about what you want and then you can start to meditate and go within and ask for inspiration and guidance. On a daily basis, all day, start to focus on and appreciate what you want to create in your life.  It’s fascinating because fear of success is a real thing and fear of failure is a real thing.  I think it’s like walking a tightrope because they sometimes manifest in exactly the same way.

Often fear of success comes with a level of self sabotage. And as we all know, self sabotage can be very, very stealthy. And fear of failure often comes with people just not trying it out in the first place in case it doesn’t work. But sometimes they can appear the same on the outside. So you’ve got to understand what it is, whether it’s a fear of success, or fear of failure that’s holding you back. Ask yourself this question and chunk it down. How do you self sabotage?  What is it actually that holds you back from trying it out in the first place?  What’s the worst that can happen?

If someone has been in a poverty mindset her whole life, even though now she’s financially okay, she may still be in that poverty mindset. Listen to the words you say. Words like, “need to work very hard ” “need to dig myself out”  “struggle”  “tough” “hard” “stressed” “complicated” “never-ending”. The words that you put out in the world are vibrations just like everything else in the world is a vibration. So if you’re constantly saying you have to dig yourself out, work very hard and you have to struggle, this is what you’re attracting to yourself.

We’ve all heard of the law of attraction but it goes a bit deeper than only the words you say, it involves your thoughts, feelings and what you are visualising too. But your words will help call in keeping yourself stuck. For me, changing my lingo was the last thing I focussed on because it’s habitual. It takes practice and adamantly observing the things that you say, noticing your tone, and habitual patterns like when you use these words so that you’re not stabbing yourself in the foot when you really want to move forward.

I’ve seen that poverty mindset in millionaires who have tons of money but they’re not enjoying the money and they’re not circulating the currency of their money. Because that lack has them in its grip. That poverty mindset and fear of,  “What if? What if I lose it all or what if I need a whole bunch of money for something?”  Guilt is involved with that mindset too: Am I worthy and deserving to have it all in the first place?  Who am I to spend all of this money, people will think I’m greedy. The list goes on…

And it’s so important to keep the flow of currency running. One teacher from my past said, “Buy yourself a present every day, even if it’s just a stick of gum, because you want to tell yourself subconsciously, and consciously, that you have enough, and that you’re deserving and worthy of having anything you want, all the time.

This is where tithing comes in. Originally tithing came from the church where you would give 10% of your income. Now a lot of people can’t do that. They can’t afford to do that or are not willing to do that.  The amount doesn’t matter so much, but you want to feel the gift of giving to a cause that is dear to your heart, again, following your bliss. It’s a good vibrational practice because it gets your money flowing. So when I’m feeling financially slow or stuck, I think how much money can I give away right now that I’m actually going to feel and that’s going to make a difference? So I tithe. Even when I feel like I “can’t afford it” (another thing you’ve got to stop affirming), I take a chunk of money and send it to a charity that’s near and dear to my heart. And I know that I’m making a difference. And, I’m telling the Universe I’ve got enough to support others. So I’m going to get that same energy back.

You can be in control of the ebb and flow of your finances and emotions by aligning the two of them.  Maybe you don’t want your own business and you have a steady job that keeps you financially secure. I know a lot of lawyers, for example, people who went into law because it would bring financial security – but they’re overworked. They hate the job. They’re not passionate about what they’re doing. They’re exhausted at the end of the day. They’re dealing with unhappy people all the time. Yes, they have financial security, but what is it worth? Is it bringing you down? Is it draining you every day? Do you come home feeling wonderful to be with your family with happy emotions or is it sucking the life out of you, so that you feel completely empty?

If you’re feeling drained and empty at the end of the day, where is your emotional strength and alignment so that you can have the connection with the relationships that you have, and the quality of life, the things in life that really matter, the love that you have for the people around you and the love that you have for yourself, even if you’re alone? How are you feeling at the end of each day? Does your job nurture and support you? Does it motivate you and fill you up with inspiration?

Maybe every day isn’t going to be like that, we all have tough days at work sometimes, but even then can you find some appreciation for that contrast to learn from it? Overall, how is your work fuelling you?

Are you stuck in this trap of “I’m financially okay, but I’ve got to stay there or else!” because then you’re still out of balance. You’re being motivated by fear of lack. Subconsciously you are still focussing on the lack. It’s really about getting your emotions aligned by focussing on what you want and getting rid of that worry, doubt and fear because fear underlies all of the imbalance.

It takes 21 days to break a habit. So what are you willing to invest in yourself? Are you willing to start meditating deeply every day for 21 consecutive days on the patterns that you want to change in your life by visualising the scene that you want to see before you?

What are you willing to do to change your circumstances? You can’t just say “oh, I’m stuck, I’m stuck” and expect things to change. You need to actually put some energy in anything that you want to see develop in your life. Often humans focus on the lack instead of the joy and abundance. You need to change your thinking so that even if you are in a place of challenge or difficulty, find the silver lining in it, even if it’s just crumbs of appreciation for the contrast.  Because practicing that appreciation is going to switch your entire vibration around and start you getting in alignment and raising your vibrational so that you can be focussing on feeling better, hopeful, feeling contentment, happiness and joy.

When you can start changing your vibration to one of joy and being in alignment because you’re only focusing on the things in life that you appreciate, love and want to bring to you, then everything will change in your relationship with your work. Your emotions are going to start to align with each other and you’ll be amazed at the way things change, flow and start to slot into place.

I hope that you can really receive this and hear this from me because often people are cynical, “You can’t just think your way to happiness!” But actually, you really can. It’s not just thinking, it’s feeling and visualising too, and really trusting that process. And practicing on a consistent daily basis.

Aren’t you worth getting in alignment with your finances and your emotions so that you can live your best life and follow your bliss and passion every day?

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