Constantly Overwhelmed and Feeling Like There’s No Way Out? I’ve been there! Good news, there IS a way out. A lot of our overwhelm is practical stuff that can simply be delegated to someone else to help you sort through it. Of course delegating in itself is a skillset….overwhelm comes from beliefs you perceived as a child and then substantiated them over and over again. If your overwhelm is your finances, get a good book on how to manage them. When we are in overwhelm it keeps us from moving forward and achieving the life we desire. It also keeps us stressed and challenges our adrenals which can have knock on effects throughout our bodies. If your adrenals aren’t working properly they are usually tied to resentment and regret issues. There is an underlying root cause and belief for everything. If you’re staying in overwhelm, I hate to tell you this, you are choosing to be there! Book a complimentary mind-shift call. I am here to help shift your perspective, enhance your awareness and help get you out of lack consciousness in to abundance which underlies so many beliefs.
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