We spend our whole lives having to show up for one thing or another mainly because of the value we place on that, the paycheck, our education, our civil duty, obligation whatever the circumstances but we many not be present every time we show up. What I’m talking about is how you show up for YOURSELF. Do you meditate every morning so you can start your day in alignment? Do you do your best to resolve conflict around you and avoid chaos and negativity so that you don’t spiral down? Do you wallow in upset longer than you need to? Or do you dive deep within and figure out what really needs to change? Are you torturing yourself with guilt over your past stupid choices? That’s not showing up for yourself! Are you finding a way to earn your living by doing something you feel passionate about? Or are you living out your parent’s expectations of you? Showing up is about being truly honest with yourself and quit making all the excuses. And as long as you think “circumstances” are governing your choices, you are kidding yourself. We create our reality. If you are not showing up for yourself, you are not valuing yourself. If you feel others don’t value you, it’s because YOU don’t value yourself. And if you have value issues it will directly affect your abundance! Isn’t it time to start showing up for yourself? Schedule your complimentary Mind-Shift Call today. Click here: https://bit.ly/SOHealing

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Are You NOT Showing Up For Yourself Because You Don't Value YOU? We spend our whole lives having to show up for one...

Posted by Shannon O'Flaherty onĀ Thursday, 27 August 2020