Are You Sabotaging Your Flow With Doubt Or Frustration? Just because something is frustrating, doesn’t mean we have to spiral into frustration! It’s all about our attitude. I’ve had ridiculous amounts of tech issues for the past ten days. It’s my number one thing that makes me NUTS! But today after trying everything to fix the problem, still nothing was working and I just had to laugh. Like, really?? I prayed, I surrendered and in return I got a surprise harp concert via my sister calling me! And guess what? THEN everything worked. I never lost my cool, I never let myself get out of alignment. The moment you notice ANY kind of resistance within yourself, STOP, breathe, drink some water and think about what’s REALLY being triggered for you. You won’t be able to progress efficiently when you are stressed. Stress, frustration, doubt it all builds momentum within your energy field just as laughter, humour, playfulness, love ALSO build momentum. I know which momentum I’d rather create! Let me help you shift your mind-set. Schedule your complimentary Mind-Shift Call today. Click here:
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