Are You Protecting Your Vibration No Matter What? What I mean by that is staying in alignment, in your centre, connected to your Source Energy, Universal Flow, God, Creator of All That Is, Your Higher Self. Whatever you are thinking, saying, or doing ought to make you feel GOOD or better! You must be conscious of the self- talk going through your mind because what you think (say and do) goes out into the energy of the world and that’s what you attract back! We ALL have the power to change our mind-set and re-frame our consciousness. But it is a choice, you have to want to heal. Too many people are stuck and accepting their uncomfortable comfort zone as their “reality” when with practice you can create any reality you want. It’s true! If you want some help achieving this aligned state please PM me and book a mind-shift call. I would love nothing more than to help you shift for the better. Schedule your complimentary Mind-Shift Call today. Click here:
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