Are You Holding Shock and Trauma in Your Body? When something shocking happens in our lives it goes into our cellular structure and gets trapped there. It causes us to contract and it makes us shut down a little part of ourselves. If you have ever been emotionally or physically abused, had a car accident, any surgery especially as a young child, any life threatening event, these are all instances of shock and trauma. It can happen when you are a young child and you may not even remember it, but energetically that imprint is with you. If you witness something shocking that too can go into YOUR cells, or if something terrible happens to someone you love, you may take on their shock as your own. You don’t have to carry this around with you, it doesn’t help you in any way. Please book a mind-shift call with me so I can help you release any shock and trauma that you don’t need! Schedule your complimentary Mind-Shift Call today. Click here:
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