Do you want to feel better temporarily or do you actually want to fix the problem permanently?  Taking a pain killer or putting a band-aid over something is not a permanent solution.

The same goes with our emotions.  We bury them early on so that we CAN grow and carry on successful, generally happy and stable adult lives.

But…. just what is that THING that’s missing or wrong or just not quite good enough?  Can’t quite put our finger on it.

So we go and study a healing modality and think, “This is it!  I’ve found what it is that’s going to fix everything for me.”

We get all excited about it and practice it for a while and apply it to our lives, but soon after, sometimes very soon after, all that wonderful feeling starts to wear off and it doesn’t stick.

We’re back to feeling that gray area of discontent.  Maybe we study another modality or go on a retreat.  The good vibes last a while, but as long as we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for the next “fix” it will not last.

We need to get to the core roots of what it is that’s holding us back, perhaps in a few different areas of our life.  For example it’s surprising sometimes to realise that underlying our abundance issues, our core root limiting beliefs don’t actually have anything to do with money!

We get triggered by people all the time and it’s almost never about whatever it feels like on the surface.  When we understand what’s underneath the trigger and WHY we perceive things the way we do, and we can finally heal that.

When we have the skills to go within and heal our root wounding it allows us to become our own self-coach and gives us greater understanding of those around us.  Why not finally take control of your emotions instead of letting them get the best of you.  Isn’t it time to realise your best life?

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