Literally the bow wave is the wave the bow of the boat makes in the water before the rest of the boat goes through it.

Analogically the bow wave is when we commit to something and then all of our stuff gets stirred up.

Maybe we have signed up for a course.  Then we develop car troubles and have to put our finances towards that instead.  Or we get sick so we just can’t make it.

Feeling triggered, uncomfortable or nervous, we start to make excuses and justifications – really, really sensible ones in order to keep ourselves in our comfort zone. Uncomfortable comfort zone.

Yes, car troubles are a manifestation of our energy!

Our “reasons” can be very stealthy. We might not know that we’re in our own bow wave. In fact, for the most part people do not realise it.

It is our internal projection of the unknown that energetically we are putting out to create a ruffling in our energy field.

When I was attending shaman school every time just before flying out I would have a little melt down and call my friend to let her know I wasn’t getting on the plane.

She knew I would, but all my stuff was dramatically up close and personal because I KNEW I was going to change so much during the week away and life would never be the same again.

That was WHY I signed up for shaman school.  I wanted my life to change.  But even when we are choosing to change, the fear of the unknown can still creep in.

Before sailing across the Atlantic Ocean my bow wave was getting super comfortable in my studio and passionately creating sewing and beadwork projects.  I didn’t want to go – I was AFRAID to go!

We don’t even realise our fear IS FEAR!  We think we are just hesitating or, actually sick, or that it’s just bad timing that the car broke down so we can’t get there.

We manifest everything in our lives.  The good, the bad, the intense and the boring.

The energy we are putting out is the same as the bow of the boat.  It creates a smooth path forward for us, or a difficult one.

We have an inspired moment, take action on it and go through with it…..or, we have an inspired moment, take action on it….and then get triggered subconsciously and create a way to back out of it.

What’s your bow wave telling you?

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