I was standing on a fairly wide path speaking with two friends.  A woman wanted to pass by, but even though we were outside in the fresh air, she felt she needed the full two metres of space to shimmy by so that she would remain safe.

People are seriously stressing about being out in the world right now.  The paranoia level has increased dramatically, the collective fear is unavoidable.

Our solar plexus chakra is where we digest new concepts and situations and decide where we want to go in life. When it’s in balance, we have the ability to be the master of our own experience, and we can easily identify what is important and necessary to support the life we want without compromise.

When it’s out of balance, we may feel indecisive, feel a lack of direction, or be unwilling or unable to trust our intuition.

We may tap into the collective consciousness which may not be good for us, especially now.

Our solar plexus chakra has to do with our momentum in life. It affects our self esteem and how we feel about ourselves.

We might feel really low, that we don’t feel deserving or worthy of joining the crowd, or being our best self or expressing ourselves.

It’s also about our physical energy. Sometimes we might be feeling really apathetic and just have absolutely no motivation to get up off the couch so we could spiral into laziness, it equally affects our self control.

So many people lose it over the smallest of things and yet we all have the tools to go within ourselves and learn self control so that our emotions don’t have control over us.

It’s also our personal expression of power. What do we want to give off energetically to the universe? Do we want to be the one who makes it to the top of the mountain so we can breathe in that clear air and feel empowered because of our physicality and see life from a higher perspective?

Or do we want to be the people who are terrified to walk down a path for fear of contracting a virus from every person we encounter?

When we don’t trust what we know and feel insecure in every kind of public situation, chances are your solar plexus chakra is out of whack.

This chakra shifts us out of dependency on others for happiness, so that we can finally be 100% accountable for our own personal success and happiness.

The solar plexus chakra is where we hold beliefs about ourselves like “I’m successful”….and, “I’m a victim”.

When your solar plexus chakra is balanced we feel confident, worthy, and are able to make decisions that fully align with our intentions.

When we have a strong and appreciative sense of our own self worth and value in the world, so will other people, and we’ll stop losing control at the smallest things.

I am aware of the pandemic.  I value my life and my health, so I take preventative measures to ensure I will remain healthy and so that my immune system is strong.  I do belief work consistently so that I know my mind-set is one of positivity and attracting health and success.

When our third chakra is is shut down, we literally lose our power, our heart races, we feel a knot in our stomach or we hold our breath.

We could feel overwhelmed, and basically our fight or flight response literally prepares us for the worst.

Mass solar plexus chakra issues are a direct result of the Corona Virus lock down.  Social distancing does not help us express our truth or be seen, heard, held, things that are fundamental to most humans.

We want to finally allow ourselves to do something different than what we’ve been doing so far. And I’ve said so many times that people only change when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the fear of change.

So how much is it costing you to stay stuck in your uncomfortable comfort zone? Pandemic or not?  We create these barriers around us. We don’t realise we’re stuck because we’re so great at making excuses.

Do not allow the collective consciousness of fear to prevent you from tapping into your bravery to take the first step towards diving within your subconsciousness to discover a plethora of truths and lies about yourself that are preventing you from living your best life.

The time to create your reality is now.

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