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Shamanic Energy Medicine

Q: What is a shaman?

A: A Shaman is a medicine man or woman who works with the natural earth energies. It’s an ancient tradition that predates even the earliest medicine. The shamans believe that anything that has ever happened in any lifetime is etched into the different layers of our energy body, (or, auric field) just like etchings in a glass. These imprints can lie dormant for years but if triggered can directly affect our lives. Shamans use the energy of the client and of the earth to help release blocked or heavy energies that no longer serve the client, place, circumstance, building or whatever is needed.

Q: Is Shamanism a religion?

A: Shamanism is not a religion, it is a philosophy of life, a symbolic way to live spiritually connected to the earth. This is a path of light, beauty and balance. It is a path of service. It’s a beautiful ritualistic practice which uses the earth’s energies like stones, crystals, herbs and other plants to connect us back with nature and help heal the earth with its natural forces such as the sun, moon, stars, sea and all the worlds in between. You can have a religious faith and still practice shamanism.

Shannon uses energy medicine to eliminate trauma that is trapped in the clients energy field or aura. She specialises in extractions ie: tracking and pulling things out of the auric field that don’t need to be there.

One of her clients had chronic stomach pain for ten years. He visited every doctor, had every test but nothing was ever found so they dubbed it “psychosomatic”. When Shannon tracked his energy field she discovered a ‘2” x 4” piece of wood’ sticking through him. She asked if she could pull it out. Naturally he said yes and afterwards he no longer had stomach pain.

Sometimes when someone dies they don’t go to the light but they zip into a living human instead, usually for fear of dying or to protect the loved one remaining. This can have a very detrimental affect on the host!

One client had lots of problems with her teeth, for four years it was a consistent battle. When Shannon asked what had happened four years ago when the problems started, the client said her mother had died. The mother had had severe problems with her teeth. When she extracted the spirit of the mother, her client’s teeth problems cleared up. These are just two instances of how extractions work, but often many emotional issues can be relieved simply by clearing the energy around it. Using a unique synthesis of techniques, Shannon balances the seven main chakras in the body and clears the energy field.

The condition of our world depends upon the condition of our consciousness and of our souls. The principle of shamanism is one of AYNI to be in complete balance with every living thing and person. It is a principle of reciprocity. The universe reciprocates our every action like a mirror reflects our intent back to us as we act as mirrors to others. That is why the shaman lives in synchronicity with nature. Once we feel that AYNI in our hearts, our world reflects back to us our pure intent in our lives and the actions we make to sustain this balance; oneness with all there is.

Entering a Theta Brainwave establishes an immediate connection with God in a deep meditative state which efficiently helps us identify and heal our limiting core beliefs. These are usually modelled in childhood, and are normally out of our conscious awareness which inhibit our abilities to move forward.

Theta includes a combination of kinesiology (muscle testing, because our bodies cannot lie to us around what beliefs we are holding at a cellular level), client dialoguing processes, somatic viewing, physical, emotional and spiritual healing as well as clarifying and replacing limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs on four levels: Core (conscious/subconscious); Genetic (DNA ancestral); History (past life and collective unconscious) and Soul Level (chronic, deeply embedded beliefs).

This beautiful technique helps us focus on what we want to create rather than what we are lacking. If you can imagine that we are all magnets and whatever energy we put out into the universal grid is exactly what we will attract back to us; this is why it is so important for us to clean up our thoughts and not carry around the resentments from our childhood which manifest in anger, which attracts dis-ease.

The pineal gland inside of our brains is the central cell which “speaks” to all the other cells in our bodies. We create neural pathways from years of continued habitual behavioral responses to emotions, life events and circumstances. Just as a stream runs down a mountain, every time it rains, the water will follow the existing path creating a deeper and deeper flow of water. Our neural pathways do the same and get locked into place by a receptor. That is why it is so hard to break habits even when intellectually we know we “shouldn’t” be doing something, but we keep doing it!  Theta is a process of breaking that receptor so we have the best chance of creating a new neural pathway with a more positive belief attached. It is a very powerful healing modality for rapid and profound change. This technique marries extremely well with shamanic energy medicine.

Q. What is negative energy?

A: Energy is just energy.  It’s what you do with it or how you perceive it that makes it feel one way or another.  How some energy affects one person, doesn’t mean it will affect another person in the same way.  When we feel like energy is heavy, we call this HUCHA. If we find this HUCHA energy in someone and we receive permission from the client, we can remove it.

Q. Is it energy work dangerous?

A: No it’s not dangerous, although we work in sacred space and hold the client in a protective energetic space so she feels safe to allow the shift to happen. The client may feel tingling in their body or temperature changes.  She may feel emotional or experience other sensations such as “seeing” colours.  Usually clients report feeling very “blissed out”.

Q: What qualifies Shannon for this transformative work?

A: 15 years of private practice and teaching and: Eden Energy Medicine with Paula Bishop, Year 1 2018-2019. Shamanic Spiritual healing Trips to Peru 2009-2014 I led small groups and worked with Roberto Flores Solis, Maestro Edinson Panduro Rumayna (Ayahuasca), Freddy Moscoso (Huachuma) and various other Master Shamans. Onanyan Shobo with Don Alfredo 2008, 1 month Shamanic Amazonian Plant Diet and Ayahuasca ‘Dieta’ with the Shipibo Tribe outside of Iquitos Peru. John of God Spiritual retreat 2007, 2012 Abadiania, Brazil. Rainbow Jaguar Institute with Jose Luis Herrera 2006-2010, The Shamans Journey, Full Mesa Carrier, Various Peru journeys. Think Institute Theta Healing with Vianna Stibal 2003-2009, 2012, 2013 – Classes: Basic & Advanced Instructor; DNA 3; Planes of Existence Instructor; Manifesting and Abundance Instructor; Disease and Disorder Instructor; World Relations Instructor; Rhythm to a New You Instructor; Soul Mates Instructor; Game of Life. The Four Winds – Healing the Light Body with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Netherlands 2002-2004 as well as extracurricular classes and shamanic mountain journey to Peru. The Hoffman Process, 2002, 2014. Possibility of Woman Carol McCall from The World Institute. Shamanic Trance Drumming 2002. Reiki I & II, 2002. Qualified and Registered Hypnotherapist 2001 with The Proudfoot School, Scarborough. Transpersonal Psychology 2001-2002 Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, London. NLP Certified Practitioner 2001 with Julie Hay, London. Transactional Analysis Developmental 2000 -2001 with Julie Hay, London. Clinical Transactional Analysis1999-2000 Leeds Psychotherapy Centre.


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