How to cope and raise your own vibration and the consciousness of humanity during these stressful times on earth. It saddens me to my core to hear about the brutality, murders and crimes against humanity because of hate, anger, prejudice, racism, fear. The global vibration is at a much higher level of fear because of the pandemic so anyone who is already at such a low point could be tipped over into irrational behaviour. There is no excuse. But what is imperative is that despite our own anger at the injustice, we must not allow our emotions to control us because then we are spiralling down fuelling that fear vibration. Feel what you feel AND invite in light and love. Find something beautiful to focus on every day and spend at least 60 seconds sending the perpetrators compassion. They are wounded people. Avoid generalising groups. Avoid constantly watching horrific footage that will keep you angry, sad and fearful. We have the power to shift consciousness energetically. There’s never been a better time to practice it than now. I am here for you. Reach out if you need a mind-shift call. Click here:

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