Why Energy Healing is the best thing you can do for yourself right now.

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Why Energy Healing is the best thing you can do for yourself right now.

During this sensitive time of enforced isolation it has been beautiful to witness the unfolding of humanity and the fundamental need to connect with each other.

Fear, denial, stress are just some of the emotions generated by Covid-19, while at a deeper level other feelings can be grief, anger, worry, perhaps even blaming the government, or spiralling into full blown hate.

Because energy healing works specifically with people’s energy systems, all of these heavy emotions can easily be treated by a variety of different types of healing.

If left untreated, and left to fester for too long, these negative emotions can eventually embed in a physical way causing other possible illnesses separate from the Corona Virus.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a developmental biologist believes that environmental factors have a greater impact on health than genetic research has previously determined.

Lipton states, “People get sick because of stress.”

He says that the system in which cells move towards positive signals when they are in growth (ie:evolving and feeling joyful) and repel from negative signals which makes them close down and go into protection mode (ie: hiding and protecting ourselves in our emotional carapace) is called “hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis.”

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that interprets perception. Stress affects our adrenals and puts us in fight or flight when our cells are in protection mode, they cannot be in growth and protection simultaneously.

Different organs tend to hold different emotions which can develop into chronic health issues if not dealt with early enough.

For example someone with constant bladder infections or kidney problems may be very angry.  People with chronic throat problems may not be able to speak their truth; they may have thyroid issues.

Symptoms in the body are not definitive but can be a good starting place as to what the underlying emotional issues are that would attract the physical problems in the first place.

A very rigid and judgemental person may develop fibroid myalgia which affects all the tissues between the muscles making it difficult for the person to move without pain, and greatly reduces their flexibility.

Energy healing can help the client identify and clear core limiting beliefs around her inflexibility at an emotional level.

When she learns how to forgive and love herself and others and how to live free from judgement (among other core beliefs depending on her story), it will not only reflect in her newfound flexibility and range of movement but also her blood pressure will lower, and the rest of her medical stats will likely improve as well.

When someone is stressed and they learn how to relax, deep breathe, meditate and drink more water they will immediately notice a difference in how they feel.

Energy healing can create profound immediate results, however, like anything it is not a magic pill.  The client has to practice implementing the new more balanced behaviour for the best outcome.

That’s why during a particularly stressful period, It is essential to take preventative measures to help keep our well-being happy, healthy, joyful, trusting, patient, forgiving and creative so humanity can actually unite and embrace one another once again.

Energy healing is a huge umbrella subject and has many different varieties.

Chi-based energy healing deals with the energy that unites the mind, body and spirit.  It generally involves working with the energy field and emotions of the client.

We all have an auric field – an energy body, and there are 7 main chakras, (energy centres, like vortexes) that line up vertically along the centre of the body.  Each one represents different emotions and deals with the surrounding organs.

The way energy healing is transmitted can vary greatly.  It can be channelled from the universe like with Reiki for example; or involve gentle movements and breath work like with Qi-Gong.

There are also various Touch therapies which involved the laying on of hands; Energetic Unwinding is a series of movements literally unwinding old stuck energy.  Healers can also work with Meridians releasing blockages and restoring energy flow.

There are other non-chi related healing modalities like Crystal healing, where heavy energies can be absorbed through specific crystals; sound healing when certain frequencies create a new vibration in the client’s field; or a shaman can journey between the worlds and find a lost soul part for the client.

Some healers can track energy and pull stuck “objects” out or clear and balance the auric field.

Some people believe in homeopathy and plant medicines and some people don’t.

There are a multitude of different healing modalities to choose from and what is best for one person, may not work for another.

The client needs to find what works best for her.

It is important to find a practitioner with whom you feel a good connection so that you may experience the best possible outcome from your healing session and be happy to follow up with that healer if necessary.

Depending on the reasons why the client is seeking energy healing largely determines how many sessions may be needed.

The more chronic the problem the more time it may take to heal.  However, there are many instances of spontaneous healing.

It is ideal when the client is invested in the healing process and willing and open to receive and when the therapist has done enough of her own personal work to avoid sabotaging the success due to her own limiting beliefs.

Energy is timeless and spaceless.

It is invisible but palpable, to some more than others.  Most people will have had the experience of feeling energy like when two people have just been arguing and a third person enters the room and can feel the tension.  That is energy.  When two people are attracted to each other, that is also energy.

Lynne McTaggart, in her bestselling book ‘The Intention Experiment’ proves how focussed intention from 5000 miles away could make a geranium leaf glow and that human thought and intention has the power to focus our lives, heal our illnesses, clean up our communities and heal the planet.

Because intention is such a powerful energy transmitter, distance healing can be very effective.  Some healers like to have a photograph of the client they are working on; some can simply imagine they are there; over Skype or Zoom therapists can directly connect their energy to their client.

Shamans use their kuyas (sacred stones in their mesa/altar) to “lay the client out on the table” as if the person were laying there so they can work on them.  Often distance healing can be more effective than in person because everyone’s ego is out of the way!

Lynne McTaggart reported: “University of Arizona psychologist Gary Schwartz and his fellow researchers once carried out a double-blind study of distant Johrei healing on cardiac patients.

After three days, the patients were asked if they had believed that they had received Johrei healing. In both the treatment and control groups, certain patients strongly believed that they had received the treatment and others had a strong feeling they’d been excluded.

When Schwartz tabulated the results, he discovered the best outcomes were among those who had received Johrei and believed they had received it. The worse outcomes were those who had not received Johrei and were convinced they had not had it.

The other two groups – those who had received it but did not believe it and those who had not received it but believed they had – fell somewhere in the middle.

Schwartz’s studies uncovered something fundamental about the nature of healing: not simply the energy and intention of the healing itself but also the patient’s belief that he or she had received healing and belief in the particular treatment itself promoted the actual healing.”

The deeper the connection between the healer and client the better the result.  In my own experience I’ve been able to lower someone’s blood pressure over the phone, and calm someone down from a panic attack without any connection except through texting with the clients friend who was caring for her.

I’ve also been able to track for stuck energy and balance it as well as extract an entity successfully.

Essentially if the client is open and lined up with the healer and the healer believes it is possible, anything that can be done in person can also be done from a distance.

Clients may not understand this because they benefit from the personal interaction with their therapist and enjoy the healing experience, however, during this time of lockdown, it’s crucial, perhaps more than ever to continue to receive healing from a distance.

During this challenging time on earth people feel particularly fearful and it is vital that you ground yourself on a daily basis and know how to get your energy back into alignment so you can keep your vibration elevated and keep attracting what you desire.

Law of Attraction falls into energy healing and if one is constantly deluged with negative thinking and doom and gloom, that is not going to help that person stay healthy during a global pandemic.

Laughter truly is the best medicine in keeping your personal emotional vibration high, joyful, happy so that is the predominant energy you are attracting.

This is a time to go within and ask yourself the deeper questions, explore your choices, and create your destiny.

Share with a mentor and learn new concepts, and most importantly, know you are not alone in any of this, and that this too shall pass.


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